Starting April 18, PROGRESS doing an Australian tour and some of PROGRESS’ best (Travis Banks, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Jimmy Havoc and Toni Storm) will challenge some of Australia’s best.

The events are huge for the Australian scene to showcase its level of talent, as well as PROGRESS to make its own impact in Australia.

April 20, 2018

MCW Tag Team Championship – Prehistoric Death Cult (Syd Parker and Caveman Ugg) w/Erika Reid vs Helter Skelter (Master Andrewartha and Cousin Ali) w/Julian James

After beating the Brat Pack for the tag team titles, PDC have been embroiled in a feud with a new tag team called Helter Skelter. Syd Parker is arguably one of the most underrated wrestlers in the indies at the moment with his unique look and daredevil antics. Caveman Ugg is an agile big man who has quickly become a crowd favourite in MCW. Erika Reid as their voodoo witch manager is the icing on the cake for PDC. Cousin Ali and Master Andrewartha use to be a fun, odd-couple tag team in the undercard. That was until Julian James became their manager and turned them into a monster heel act.

In last couple of shows, Helter Skelter have taken out PDC with some vicious attacks. In my opinion, this feud has been too dragged out and Helter Skelter are quite limited with what they can do in-ring. However, PDC should carry them to an enjoyable match.

Jimmy Havoc vs Alan Payne

Alan Payne is MCW’s resident psychopath. He has been mostly been a tag team wrestler with Jonathon Preston in the Preston and Payne duo, but has become a singles wrestler after their break up last year. He has a very unpredictable aura and just from watching his manic promo work, you can tell why MCW chose him for this match with Havoc. Payne is still quite green in the ring but if they have a plunder match (which looks likely after Payne’s last promo), it should deliver. A crazy brawl is when crazy Alan Payne is at his best.

Pete Dunne vs Mike Burr

Mike Burr has been an underrated wrestler in the Australian scene and I’m very glad to see him get this opportunity against Pete Dunne.

Burr has been a part of the Good Time Trouble tag team with Fun Time Phil, but has shone in his singles opportunities with the likes of TK Cooper and Dowie James. It is a good match up for the Brusierweight as Burr is one of the best strikers in Australia and this should be a hard-hitting contest.

PROGRESS Women’s Championship – Toni Storm vs Kellyanne

Australia’s best female wrestler vs the best female wrestler that is based in Australia (well, it’s either her or Shazza McKenzie).

This is going to be great.

These are two wrestlers who can bring the intensity and toughness. Not to be outdone, Kellyanne has also travelled the world as she has trained in Canada with Lance Storm and spent some time in Mexico’s AAA. The MCW women’s division has really been just Kellyanne and Indi Hartwell at this point (with the occasional jobber or good interstate wrestler). So, it’s very exciting to see a fresh match like this.

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship – Slex vs Trent Seven vs Lochy Hendricks

This is very much a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ match to get the present (Slex) and future (Lochy Hendricks) of MCW on the show. Slex is the current MCW Intercommonwealth Champion (their secondary title but has turned into the workrate championship for the promotion with the likes of Will Ospreay, Adam Brooks and Robbie Eagles being previous title holders) and has been in tremendous form since his career-defining match with Kazuchika Okada last year.

Lochy Hendricks has really found himself with his ‘Loverboy’ persona which has turned him into a braggadocious rebel. Then there is Trent Seven is going to be his charismatic self. It should be fun.

PROGRESS World Championship – Travis Banks vs Elliot Sexton vs JXT

This is another ‘kill two birds with one stone’ match. Last year, Elliot Sexton attacked JXT from behind to begin his heel run. Sexton would spent time during 2017 to 2018 in Orlando (he has a certain girlfriend who had signed with WWE) and was in hiatus. Sexton came back to MCW at their Clash of the Titans show and reignited the feud with JXT in their singles match. JXT is very much the ‘Juice Robinson’ of MCW with his energy and babyface work. Elliot Sexton is 6’5 ft (196 cm) man with quite a presence and has shown to be a good bully heel.

Tyler Bate vs Dowie James

Two very versatile wrestlers battling it out. Dowie James is arguably the best all-round wrestler in Australia and has been a match of the night machine in MCW. He is definitely the ace of the promotion. The last time Bate was in MCW, he had a great contest with Slex. I think this match will be about Bate’s power vs James’ technical skill. Expect this to be the best match on the show.