Impact Wrestling’s latest monthly special, Against All Odds, airs this Saturday (June 12th) from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The main event between Kenny Omega and Moose for the Impact World title will, however, emanate from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb with a K) vs Jordynne Grace (w/Rachael Ellering)

I feel like I’m experiencing this quasi-Mandela Effect moment with Jordynne Grace – for months I’ve been predicting a well-telegraphed heel turn for her and yet it’s never materialised. Have I imagined her mean mugging, moody expressions and general malaise with her current position? With that in mind, I’m naturally once again saying that she’ll turn at some point during Against All Odds.

She’s currently working a sort of losing streak gimmick, where she’s growing increasingly frustrated in herself and seemingly jealous of new tag partner Ellering. To keep that story rolling, and give Tenille a win while Taylor Wilde appears to have disappeared, I suspect Grace loses here, kicking off post-match to set up something with Ellering for Slammiversary. Prediction: Tenille Dashwood

Street Fight

The Good Brothers vs Sami Callihan & Tommy Dreamer

We head into this match off the back of the announcement on this week’s Impact that the winner of Kenny Omega-Moose will defend the Impact World Championship against Callihan at Slammiversary. Welp.

He wouldn’t be the guy I’d choose to challenge for the belt at the first event with fans in 17 months but I don’t have the pencil. I do though get why he’s in this spot, and it does at least make some sense. Callihan has history with Don Callis and he’s a good foil for Omega – continually referring to himself as the promotion’s Draw makes him a logical candidate for the self-appointed ‘Impact saviour’. He also always loses his big matches and his inclusion allows them to go, potentially, for a big, plunder match in front of the fans.

Adding Dreamer to this tag match isn’t hugely inspiring but again makes sense given the previous backstage comments he’s made to Scott D’Amore about Don Callis and the AEW relationship. Booking-wise, Callihan and Dreamer should win. The Good Brothers got a win over Callihan on Impact, so this gets him his win back, and it also gives him momentum heading into the title match. It also presumably sets him up to defend that contendership against Dreamer, who he laid out at Hardcore Justice, before Slammiversary. Prediction: Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer

Rich Swann (w/ Willie Mack) vs W. Morrissey

If I’d have told you two months ago that the artist formerly known as Big Cass would be involved in one of the hottest matches on an Impact card in 2021, you’d probably have ignored me. But, don’t sleep on Morrissey, because he’s absolutely killing it right now.

His promo a few weeks ago was wonderful. He spoke about his lowest moment, the time he had a seizure at an indy show, and how instead of helping him or calling an ambulance, fans filmed that moment, his lowest moment, on their phones to share on social media. He noted how it was those fans, the ones who’d loved him as the punchline to a WWE catchphrase, who turned their backs on him both when he got cut and when he revealed his substance abuse issues. It knocked every ‘fans are actually bad’ promo into the long grass and gave genuine humanity to his character, but the vicious beatdowns of Rich Swann and Willie Mack have maintained his presence as a dominant heel.

Physically, Morrissey looks in the shape of his career. This is his big moment though to prove that he can nail it in the ring against a high-level, main event-level opponent. Swann, the effervescent whitemeat babyface with a penchant for exceptional selling, will be the perfect foil for him. Impact are pushing Morrissey hard, so I see him winning here, with Swann perhaps winning a rematch, in front of the fans, at Slammiversary. Prediction: W. Morrissey.

Satoshi Kojima vs Joe Doering (w/ Eric Young, Rhino & Deaner)

You ever get something that sounds great on paper and in your mind but you know won’t be good in practice? Well, that’s this match.

Kojima and Doering have a long history, albeit from a decade ago, together in All Japan Pro Wrestling. They faced off in numerous tag battles and their last meeting saw Kojima defend his Triple Crown belt against Doering. Using that history was a lovely touch from Impact and, to be honest, it was the natural pairing for Kojima when the Bread Club leader came over for his little stint.

Kojima’s been having a really good 2021, showing he’s got a lot left in the tank in the process. However, I’m not sure what Joe’s got left. This isn’t the Joe Doering of 2010. This isn’t even the Joe Doering when he initially came back from the brain tumour in 2017. Sadly, the big fella has definitely lost a step and isn’t particularly mobile anymore. Impact have done a good job of protecting him since he joined last November, presenting him like an absolute beast and reducing his workload, but I’m not sure how you do that here without a lot of shenanigans.

If Kojima is sticking around, I’d say you give him the win and set up something involving Violent By Design, Eddie Edwards and maybe someone else for Slammiversary, but otherwise it’s a chance to give Doering a big singles win. I’ll go with my heart though and say Kojima wins it. Prediction: Satoshi Kojima

X-Division Championship No #1 Contendership Scramble

Petey Williams vs Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel vs Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey

As I noted in last week’s column, the brilliant Ironman match between Josh Alexander and TJP continued the trend of the X-Division being absolute money through the first half of 2021. Pretty much every combination of guys has worked and I anticipate this scramble will be no different.

Picking a winner is interesting. I have a really strong feeling that Alexander will be defending the title in a King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary, which makes the winner here a placeholder defence on Impact between now and then. In that case, Petey Williams would be a perfect candidate, scrapping through to get one more shot against his new Team Canada buddy. If they opt for a singles match at Slammiversary, Bey or Miguel would be my standout picks to win here, but I can’t look past Petey. It doesn’t really matter who they go for though, as the match with Alexander will be a banger. Prediction: Petey Williams

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Fire N’ Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) © vs Kimber Lee & Susan

Talking of placeholder defences, that’s exactly what this one is for Fire N’ Flava after they finished up their feud with Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering. The problem though is that Kimber Lee and Susan (I hate the gimmick so much) are 1-3 this year, and they’ve lost three in a row, yet somehow are the only team available to challenge at the moment. Now, I don’t know whether Tenille and Taylor Wilde were originally supposed to be here or what, but this just feels odd. The heel-heel dynamic will be a little strange, but there’s no doubt about the outcome, with Hogan & Steelz looking to move on, probably to a match with Rosemary and Havok at Slammiversary. Prediction: Fire N’ Flava

Impact World Tag Team Championship

Violent By Design (Rhino & Deaner) © vs Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve)

I was a big fan of Violent By Design’s title win against FinJuice a few weeks back. It was surprising, effective and freshened up the division for the months ahead. First challengers for Eric Young’s crew, who are delightfully using the Freebird rule, are Decay, who seemingly got this by virtue of beating Hernandaddy (Hernandez and Johnny Swinger) and goading Young backstage. Yep. Much like the Knockouts title match, this feels like a foregone conclusion but adding Deaner in means that this should be a pretty decent match. Prediction: Violent By Design

Impact Knockouts Championship

Deonna Purrazzo © vs Rosemary

Prior to her ACL injury in 2018, I would have ranked Rosemary among the best female wrestlers in North America. She did everything well, her matches were consistently good and she was a good foil for a variety of opponents. However, while she’s been back from that injury a while, she’s not quite as fluid in her movements or as high-performing in the ring.

Deonna, meanwhile, is smashing it at the moment and remains the top female worker in the promotion, much like Rosemary was a few years ago. She manages to get people’s best matches out of them, her slightly slower, more technical style proving a great balance.

These two had a solid match at Final Resolution last December and I anticipate them to do so again but I don’t see any other outcome than Deonna retaining and Rosemary shuffling into the tag title picture. Prediction: Deonna Purrazzo

Impact World Championship

Kenny Omega © w/Don Callis vs Moose

In theory, this has the potential to be one of Impact’s best matches of the year. Kenny Omega is, well, Kenny Omega and Moose, having shredded himself right down, is producing the best work of his career. However, given recent form in both Impact and AEW, we know there will be shenanigans here, especially with the match at Daily’s Place, and that will probably drag down what these two put together. That said, my expectations are still pretty high.

I’d rather Moose hadn’t lost to Sami Callihan in the build-up – surely he could have won, even if via distraction, and then Omega et all attacked Callihan post-match – but the match still feels strong and they’ve done a good job of showing Callis as concerned about Moose’s potential for getting the win. I think it’s a match they could revisit later in the year, if Moose sticks around in Impact, but there’s no doubt in my mind about how this match ends. And that’s with a One-Winged Angel. Prediction: Kenny Omega