Continuing the tradition which we moved to Voices of Wrestling in 2019, the FSM 50 is back with a rundown of the top 50 in-ring performers of a very unique year.

2020 certainly didn’t go as anyone expected and as a result this list probably turned out quite a bit different from what it would have looked like were things “normal”. In spite of restrictions, show cancellations, lockdowns and empty arenas, there were still more than enough wrestlers who performed admirably to fill out a list such as this. We could have gone a lot deeper than 50 if we wanted. It’s a testament to so many that they were able to produce the level of wrestling that they did, and to give fans some genuinely cool moments in a rough year.

We hope you enjoy this breakdown of all 50 wrestlers (and some honorable mentions) with some short blurbs about each of their years. I know it’s tempting to skip straight to the list, but there are some sneaky match recommendations and other pearls of wisdom you’ll miss out on, so do so at your peril!

Thanks for reading!


Your panelists: Seven brave men & women of mystery! (You can try to figure them out based on our initials but we can’t confirm nor deny!)


50. Dragon Dia    

The most exciting wrestler in the entire world. Dia is every bit as impressive in the air as El Hijo Del Vikingo but with the immense body control that Dragongate demands from its flyers. Dia took a huge step forward this year and is positioned to have a monster 2021. (CL)

49. Guilia 

Giulia took Stardom by storm, winning multiple titles and the Cinderella Tournament within her first year thus proving that her controversial jump late last year to be the right move. Really excelled in her feud with Tam Nakano with multiple high-level performances. Her year also included the much loved Donna Del Mondo and STARS eight-man tag. (SF)

48. CHANGO & Kaji Tomato    

A lot of odd things happened in 2020, and one of the oddest was Active Advance Pro Wrestling becoming appointment viewing, largely because they were one of the few companies still running in the Spring. Fans that tuned in were treated to the tag title reign of CHANGO & Kaiji Tomato, an extremely likable duo that brings to mind a puro indie scum Rock n’ Roll Express. 2AW has been relegated to the Watch Later pile for many fans but that tag title reign was one of the bright spots of 2020. (JG)

47. Ricky Starks   

The ultimate example of betting on yourself. Starks knew his value, stayed true to who he is as a wrestler and showed immense patience over the last few years. He finally got the opportunity he has long deserved in 2020 and he couldn’t have knocked it further out of the park. Maybe the best TV wrestler in the business right now. Does the little things as well as anyone. (AC)

46. Momo Watanabe

Stardom’s unsung hero of 2020. From the multiple tag matches with AZM (which resulted in them winning Tag League) to main event title matches, any spot Momo was put in, she delivered. Is deserving of a run at the top of the company but that mantle has been handed to stablemate Hayashishita for the time being. (SF)

45. Daichi Hashimoto      

2020 was the year of many things, but one of them was The Year Daichi Hashimoto Put It All Together.  He reigned as Big Japan Strong Champion for most of the year and steered the ship in a very rocky year for the company with great matches against T-Hawk, Shigehiro Irie, & Yuji Okabayashi. It finally all clicked for him this year and he became the wrestler we’d been hoping for since he debuted. (JG)

44. ACH  

Pre-Pandemic, we weren’t sure if we’d be seeing much of ACH in wrestling going forward. With a couple true form ACH showings in AAW and Texas indies before the world was put on pause, we didn’t see the man again until GCW dusted him off and let him loose as the grizzled young vet against the current crop of young upstarts throughout the Summer and Autumn months. Albert also returned to stateside NJPW on their weekly Strong episodes and had some fun outings. If you missed ACH in 2020, seek out his bouts with Fred Yehi at AAW, Lio Rush from JJSB4, Blake Christian at GCW, and Lee Moriarty at For the Culture. (JB)

43. Kazusada Higuchi      

 DDT’s woefully underused big man spent his year teaming in an aesthetically pleasing trio alongside Yukio Sakaguchi and Saki Akai. The group brought a lot of great matches to the table, but Higuchi’s year should be best remembered for squashing Jun Akiyama like a bug in the DDT Grand Prix. (CL)

42. Finn Balor      

 Finn proved you *could* go home again when he returned to NXT in late 2019, capturing the NXT title for the second time in 2020. Everyone remembers the match with Kyle O’Reilly from Takeover 31 (which would be the best WWE match in a year when Walter/Draganov didn’t occur), but he also had great high profile bouts against Johnny Gargano & Damien Priest, as well as his own great match against Dragonov at the little-remembered When World Collide show. Injuries derailed his momentum a bit but it was a nice comeback year for the Prince. (JG)

41. KENTA   

KENTA began the year with a great NEVER title against Hirooki Goto at Wrestle Kingdom and a hot feud with Tetsuya Naito, and ended it with a New Japan Cup USA win and a seemingly endless run of successful briefcase defenses against anyone who got in his way. A sneaky good year for the veteran both in the ring and on the mic, as he surprisingly emerged as one of the better promo men in wrestling. (JL)

40. Yuya Aoki     

This man is a sleeper wrestler of the year. If you don’t believe this sentiment, run, don’t walk to see his incredible Junior Heavyweight title match against Fuminori Abe from February 20th. Yuya Aoki is the 2nd coming of Shinjiro Otani, which also came to fruition in 2020 as he tagged with Otani against the Astronauts in another great, underappreciated matchup. Don’t sleep on this man in 2021. If his 2020 Junior title reign and Strong climb showing are any indicator, Aoki will inevitably be on everyone’s radar in due time. (JB)

39. Shotaro Ashino          

Following the closure of WRESTLE-1, the “Master Of Suplex” found a new home in All Japan with his Enfants Terribles buddies, and he fast became one of the best assets on the roster, delivering in both the Champion Carnival and Real World Tag League. His last W-1 title match back in February against invading champ Katsuhiko Nakajima was a blinder. (AC)

38. Masaaki Mochizuki  

Turning 50 last January didn’t slow Masaaki Mochizuki down. A global pandemic didn’t slow Masaaki Mochizuki down. It seems like nothing can slow down one of the busiest wrestlers in the game. As the young generation took the wheel in DG, Mocchy went to NOAH for his best work which included a GHC Tag Title win with partner Naomichi Marufuji, and an incredible N-1 Victory upset over Shiozaki. (AC)

37. Mayu Iwatani 

Both of Mayu’s matches against Takumi Iroha were no brainer contenders for Joshi match of the year. Title defenses against Momo Watanabe and Jungle Kyona just further added to her impressive resume. Was part of a very special tag match in January, teaming with KAGETSU against Kyona and Watanabe on KAGETSU’s retirement tour. (SF).

36. Taichi 

Spent the majority of the year fighting alongside ZSJ in IWGP Tag Title matches that were a favorite of most NJPW fans. He got a chance to shine as a singles wrestler in the G1 where he had an excellent showing with the best of the best in the A Block. His Sumo Hall kick battle with Ibushi won’t soon be forgotten – not least by the boy & his pig. (AC)

35. Konosuke Takeshita   

Started off the year with an appearance in the UK which saw him have an incredible match with Kyle Fletcher that will most likely never make tape. Proven to be one of the most reliable performers in DDT, delivering in any spot up and down the card. His match with Jun Akiyama at Ultimate Party showcased his diversity. (SF)

34. El Desperado 

It was a big year for mid-level junior El Desperado, holding the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team titles for most of 2020, plus winning his first-ever tournament (IWGP Junior Tag Team) and making the finals of two others (King of Pro-Wrestling & Best of the Super Juniors). The mid-level junior split a pair of matches vs Hiromu in Best of the Super Juniors, including a career highlight finals loss in the main event of Budokan Hall. (JL)

33. Kaito Kiyomiya   

Kiyomiya may have been out of the title scene after losing the GHC title to Go Shiozaki in January, but 2020 was a year of growth. Despite coming up short in two National title challenges and other high profile singles losses to Katsuhiko Nakajima in the N1 final and Keiji Muto, Kiyomiya matured as a performer and came across more like an ace than ever. He should have a monster 2021. (JL)

32. Jay White       

Delivered in spades in the G1 this year, hard to look past the great matches with Ibushi, Shingo, and of course, Ishii. COVID definitely impacted the shape of Jay’s year more than most and it suffered as a result, but ended the year strong with yet another impressive showing against Ibushi to win the G1 Briefcase. (SF)

31. Masato Tanaka           

The start of 2020 was incredible for Tanaka, especially in DDT, winning their KO-D title from HARASHIMA. He followed this up with putting together a run of under the radar defenses against MAO and Takeshita before losing to Endo. Really great tag match with Suigura against Sekimoto and Okabayashi. Old lads reign supreme. (SF)

30. Ben-K

Before getting knocked out cold to end his year, Ben-K was a redhot workman for Dragongate Generation. Four years deep, the luster of Ben-K’s raw strength and speed has not worn off. Ben-K lacks a truly great singles match this year, but dominated the tag and multi-man scene. (CL)

29. PAC   

PAC wrestled ten matches this year and has a better resume than most weekly performers. Had it not been for the pandemic, For a guy that has made a living off of jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers, the Orange Cassidy match is some of the best character work you’ll ever see. (CL)

28. Minoru Suzuki           

Absent from the 2019 G1 Climax and not having a significant match at Wrestle Kingdom 14, the consensus was that we had seen the tarmac laid on Minoru Suzuki’s road to retirement. He had other ideas. As the wrestling world figured out how to deliver empty arena matches, Suzuki and his old nemesis Yuji Nagata gave us all the template. Once fans came back MiSu found himself embroiled in a great feud with the like-minded NEVER champ Shingo Takagi. They knocked it out of the park in Jingu Stadium with a fearsome bout. Time to learn a lesson, don’t write the King Of Pro Wrestling off. He’ll end things on his own terms! (AC)

27. Rey Fenix       

It was a rollercoaster year for the talented high flyer. The formation of The Death Triangle with Pentagon Jr & PAC gave the impression that we were about to see a renewed focus on Fenix, however he was one of the many victims of COVID travel restrictions and the group got shelved. Returning to AEW TV during the Summer gave him the opportunity to hook up with the promotion’s hottest new star Eddie Kingston and the luchador got to show his wares on a more consistent basis including two tremendous tussles with his brother. (AC)

26. SHO  

With Roppongi 3k partner YOH injured, SHO began to fly on his own in 2020. No longer held back by the constraints of a tag team, SHO had a standout New Japan Cup, a NEVER Openweight Championship match and clear potential to be the breakout performer (the Shawn Michaels) of his Roppongi 3k team. (RK)

25. Tetsuya Endo 

One of the biggest stars of the Summer, featuring a huge title match against Masato Tanaka in June. Had an incredible run in the King of DDT tournament and capped it off with a win against T-Hawk in the finals. Was supposed to face Kenny Omega at Ultimate Party but instead faced off against Daisuke Sasaki in one of DDT’s best matches of the year at the event. (SF)

24. Kenoh

Following a KO title win in August over career rival Katsuhiko Nakajima, the GHC National title was built around (and elevated by) Kenoh in 2020. A classic 60-minute draw vs Go Shiozaki followed, and Kenoh held on to the title with wins over Kaito Kiyomiya and Kazushi Sakuraba. Kenoh & Nakajima were linked all year, as Nakajima knocked off Kenoh in the N1 Victory tournament to avenge the National title loss, and the two formed an uneasy alliance when Nakajima joined Kongoh. (JL)

23. Darby Allin    

Ending the year as TNT Champion, Darby took major strides forward in 2020. Racked up some great matches on TV all the way back in January such as his New Year’s Day challenge of then champ Cody and a banger against PAC two weeks later. Tore the house down with Sammy Guevara at Revolution in February. His highlights of the Daily’s Place run have been his showings against Team Taz (particularly Ricky Starks) and the big title win over Cody at Full Gear. (AC)

22. Eita     

Eita’s career has been defined by frustration. In the early part of his career, he was frustrated that he couldn’t post up in Mexico and become a freelancing luchadore. In later years, he’s become a frustrating part of the Dragongate main event scene. He alleviated a lot of those pressures this year by having his best top-to-bottom year yet. His Dream Gate title win against Naruki Doi is the best moment of his career. (CL)

21. Yuji Okabayashi        

PISSARI! This man started 2020 on a tear, as per usual, and did not let the pandemic or clap crowds be a detriment to his output. From January 1, against Yuji Hino, all the way to the New Year’s Eve Shuffle Tag Tournament, where he and HARASHIMA cleaned up, Yuji did not let up in 2020! Squeeze in a great little run in 2AW during the no-crowd era as well as a great run with the Strong Title in his home promotion of BJW, and you get exactly what you’d expect from Yuji Okabayashi. Greatness! (JB)

20. Kzy     

Mr. February struck again with an amazing Dream Gate challenge against Naruki Doi. With the DG roster full of talented but inexperienced young wrestlers, Kzy provided a steadying element to cards and constantly brought the best out of the newcomers. Got his win back on Doi in emphatic fashion at Dangerous Gate in September, earning himself another crack at the Dream Gate against Kzy at Gate Of Destiny. Despite the cheap finish in that one, it was a great showing as always from the popular 34-year-old. (AC)

19. Adam Page     

Hangman brought buckets of emotion to the greatest match in AEW history at Revolution. It was a career highlight which looked like it had set the stage for a year where he would become on of the top guys in the business. Unfortunately for Page, his push was based on connection with the fans and nobody was hurt as much by empty arenas as him. He didn’t stop delivering the goods though, as one of AEW’s most consistent and believable performers. His much anticipated one on one bout with Omega served as a tremendous opening contest at Full Gear. (AC)

18. Hiroshi Tanahashi      

While not producing an illustrious year like his last 10-15 years, 2020 Hiroshi Tanahashi was still a blast to follow, even if he spent most of the year on the losing end. He started the year off by producing a Tokyo Dome classic with Chris Jericho, then went immediately into forming the Golden ACE tag team with Kota Ibushi and feuding with Dangerous Tekkers for most of the year. While the Tekkers feud was met with mixed reviews, it was an overall enjoyable mid-card feud. Throughout lockdown, Tana kept us updated with his Dad bod phase, and then his incredible transformation to having a once again fantastic physique as New Japan started running shows again. The man produced a G1 run that included memorable showings against Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, and Zack Sabre Jr, and he finished the year off being his philanthropic self by setting up yet another young star in Great-O-Khan for future success. Never doubt the greatness of Hiroshi Tanahashi. (JB)

17. Tetsuya Naito 

Well, Naito’s 2020 didn’t go the way we predicted when he defeated Okada in a Tokyo Dome classic all the way back in January. His year finally got back on track during the G1 when he and Tanahashi opened up the G1 in a big way by rolling back the years. Followed that up with an incredible bout with Zack Sabre Jr two nights later. Both KENTA matches flew under the radar with them both delivering something very different for Naito. (SF)

16. Kento Miyahara         

While All Japan may have been criticized as a whole in 2020, their Ace was still clutch for producing some great outings. Miyahara’s first quarter of the year was spent wrapping up a fantastic Triple Crown run, chalking up great defenses against Jake Lee, Yuma Aoyagi and then finally losing the belt(s) to Suwama in March. And while the booking of 2020 All Japan was criticized, it cannot be denied that they were the most fun promotion to follow during the no fans era, which was spearheaded by Kento and his sometimes wacky antics. Kento also delivered in the Champion Carnival Final against Zeus and again in the Real World Tag League Final, partnering with Yuma Aoyagi against Jake Lee and Koji Iwamoto. (JB)

15. Takashi Sugiura           

The unstoppable cyborg of Pro Wrestling NOAH remains exactly that. At 50 years of age, he looks like an athlete in his peak and he wrestles like one too. It’s truly remarkable. Had a great match with fellow NOAH original Naomichi Marufuji in the N-1, along with his usual wars to the death with Nakajima & Kenoh. His 2020 highlight was of course the epic GHC title match with Go Shiozaki, but don’t sleep on his tag work alongside Kazushi Sakuraba with whom he has surprisingly great chemistry. No pandemic and we’d have had him in the Champion Carnival too! (AC)

14. Kaito Ishida   

“Kick Boy” Kaito Ishida put forth the feud of the year over the Open the Brave Gate Championship with MMA import Keisuke Okuda. Despite calling the high-flying Dragongate his home promotion, Ishida brings a violent, strike-first mentality to the table. His list of great matches in 2020 is seemingly endless. With a year this strong, it is reasonable to say that Ishida is on the path to becoming a future Dragongate main eventer. (CL)

13. Cody  

Cody burst out of the gates of 2020 with a standout match against Darby Allin on New Years Day, a great cage match with Wardlow in February and began building towards the highly-anticipated War Games-esque Blood & Guts match. Then, well, you know. Cody, to his credit, adjusted to the lack of true crowds and rounded out the year with some spectacular, star-making matches with the likes of Eddie Kingston, Mr. Brodie Lee and Jungle Boy. (RK)

12. Naruki Doi     

Doi’s 20th year will go down as his best. He ended 2019 by shocking the Dragongate universe and winning the Open the Dream Gate Championship, then went on a tear throughout the first half of the year with match of the year contenders against Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, and Eita, who he dropped the belt to. Despite ending the year with a comedy unit in Team Boku, Doi provided the workrate when he was asked to. (CL)

11. Katsuhiko Nakajima  

Alongside AXIZ partner Shiozaki, Nakajima lost the GHC tag titles in an outstanding match in January. Had a wildly entertaining run as disinterested WRESTLE-1 champion before that company sadly bit the dust. Back in NOAH he won the GHC National Title from Sugiura but lost it in a vicious bout against Kenoh in August. After turning on Go, Nakajima got the big push in the N-1 leading to one of the year’s finest bouts when former partners went one on one in a classic match at the Yokohama Budokan. To the surprise of many, Nakajima fell short and it remains to be seen what 2021 has in store for him. (AC)

10. Jon Moxley    

I remember laughter and groans when the PWI 500 declared Dean Ambrose the 8th best wrestler in the world in 2018 (this was the magical time where Ambrose wore a gas mask and got vaccinated to inoculate himself from fans). But after jumping to AEW and liberating himself from WWE creative, Moxley reinvented himself as a kickass babyface champion who had great brawls with Brodie Lee, MJF, and Eddie Kingston. In addition to carrying a fledgling company, he continued his feud with Minoru Suzuki in New Japan and dipped back into the independents for a match against Chris Dickinson at the Bloodsport show. Good shit indeed. (JG)

9. The Young Bucks      

The greatest tag team of all-time added to their portfolio with a year full of unique and exciting television matches. We have never seen the Bucks have a year like this because they have never been afforded the opportunity to have this many great, compact matches throughout their long career. They peaked with the brilliant Revolution tag against Kenny Omega and Adam Page in February, but the Rancho Cucamonga natives remained strong throughout the year. (CL)

8. Kazuchika Okada

Don’t let anyone sell you on any nonsense – The Rainmaker is still the man. Yes the foot was taken off the pedal at times this year, but on January 4th and 5th he had two matches that will go down as Tokyo Dome classics. Was part of one of the last great New Japan matches before lockdown, giving a brilliant performance in Manabu Nakanishi’s send-off. Won plaudits for his empty arena match with Hiromu Takahashi, and was one half of the best match of the G1 against Shingo Takagi where he showed he was as great as ever. (AC)

7. Will Ospreay  

The unanimous 2019 #1 followed up with another world-class year, with incredible matches in not only his usual stomping grounds of New Japan (Hirmou Takahashi at Wrestle Kingdom, G1 Climax bouts vs Tomohiro Ishii, Shingo, Kota Ibushi, and others) and RevPro (Zack Sabre Jr, Callum Newman, Kyle Fletcher), but also a low key Match of the Year contender vs Dowie James in Australia and the best intergender match in the world against Bea Priestley on a WrestleTalk show. (JL)

6. Kota Ibushi    

After a sublime performance in his first Wrestle Kingdom main event, The Golden Star lost some momentum with his meaningless consolation bout against Jay White. A tag team pairing with Hiroshi Tanahashi set him back on track and the fan favorite duo delivered the goods before parting ways ahead of the G1. Despite everyone looking elsewhere, Ibushi snuck up and won the tournament for the second time. On the way to the trophy, he had fantastic matches with Taichi, Ishii, Shingo, and Ospreay. (AC)

5. Tomohiro Ishii

The world may have changed in the most unthinkable of ways, but nothing changes when it comes to The Stone Pitbull. A staple of the FSM 50 upper echelons since the beginning, Ishii set his sights on Shingo early in the year and pushed him to the limit in The Dragon’s first NEVER title defense back in February. Was a part of some of the best NEVER 6 Man Title matches alongside CHAOS brethren YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto. Gave yet another outrageous performance in the G1, having many Block A’s best matches before it’s epic conclusion at Sumo Hall where he played spoiler to Jay White in a super dramatic main event. (AC)

4. Kenny Omega

While 2020 may have felt like a down year for the pro wrestling industry, Kenny Omega didn’t get the memo as he starred in high-level performances throughout the year. That Omega did it in so many different ways—tag matches, singles matches, TV matches, PPV matches—makes it all the more impressive. Three Omega matches are currently rated 9+ on and nine total above 8+, he won international gold and flipped wrestling on its face with his invasion of Impact Wrestling. (RK)

3. Shingo Takagi

Won his first singles title in New Japan at New Beginning when he ended Hirooki Goto’s short-lived reign a top the NEVER mountain. Went into the G1 a man on a mission after losing the belt to Minoru Suzuki, and he was one of the most consistent performers. Takagi was as hyped as us fans for his first time ever dream matches against Okada and Ibushi, and you could see it in his performance. Managed to make Okada’s much detested Money Clip into one of the most compelling moments of the year with his amazing selling. Folks may be hesitant to say it, but his Greatest Wrestler Ever case is growing….. (AC)

2. Hiromu Takahashi      

Hiromu Takahashi didn’t miss a beat when returning from over 500 days away from the ring. 2020 was one of his strongest in ring years, getting a good to excellent match out of everyone he faced, from Honma to multiple bouts with Taiji Ishimori. Highlights of the year include his New Japan Cup run, especially the match with Ishii and the Sengoku Lord main event with EVIL. An excellent match with El Desperado in the BOSJ finals capped off his 2020 in style. (SF)

1. Go Shiozaki

A very appropriate number one. The personification of the struggle and hardship that was 2020. Go debuted fancy new gear and won the GHC Heavyweight Title from Kaito Kiyomiya in a great bout in January. All was looking rosy. Then things went to hell. Go was served up one challenger after another looking to rip his limps off and/or knock him out. He would become held together by more and more tape as the year went on, almost symbolic for how the world was dealing with it’s challenges. But he just kept on going, and never gave in. He took his beatings and somehow kept the title around his waist through it all. Being honest, Go had been one of the most unfortunate wrestlers of his era up to this year – never reaching the heights of stardom that many hoped for him. Timing was never on his side, and he dealt with a series of bad breaks. But all those experiences made him the perfect guy to stand tall in a trying year. This was his career year, and this will be what he’s remembered for. Richly deserved. (AC) 

Honorable Mentions: Sasha Banks

The Boss just barely missed the Top 50 cut on the strength of arguably the best WWE main roster match of the year at Hell In A Cell vs Bayley, a shockingly good match vs Carmella at TLC, and solid matches all year long against Asuka. Poorly booked finishes in many of her high profile matches didn’t help, even if that’s no fault of Banks. (JL)

Honorable Mention: Drew McIntyre

Pity Drew McIntyre. After a long and winding career, he finally ascended to the top of the WWE, defeating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, and (outside of a few weeks) holding the title the remainder of the year…all in front of zero fans. Drew put in some quality in-ring work in 2020, with solid PPV matches against Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns, and AJ Styles. Hopefully, he can continue the trend when there are human beings as opposed to television screens in the crowd. (JG)

Honorable Mention: WALTER

Despite barely wrestling 10 matches on tape all year, WALTER nearly cracked the Top 50 based largely on his Match of the Year contender vs Ilja Dragunov, but don’t forget the incredible Imperium vs Undisputed Era eight-man tag at Worlds Collide. (JL)

Honorable Mention: Yukio Sakaguchi

Sakaguchi is 47 years old. That fact should astound you when you watch him in the ring, the only giveaway is Toru Owashi trying to give him the Over 40s title. Had a great year in the Eruption faction with the highlights of the year being his KO-D title challenge against Tanaka in May and the double match against Nautilus for both the Six Man and Tag Team titles. (SF)

Honorable Mention: SB KENTo

At 20 years old, SB KENTo took the wrestling world by storm. In his first full year as a competitor, he quickly rose up through the ranks of Dragongate, first as a plucky babyface, then as a dastardly heel. By this time next year, I have no doubt that he’ll make the big boy list. (CL)

FSM 50 (2020)

  1. Go Shiozaki
  2. Hiromu Takahashi
  3. Shingo Takagi
  4. Kenny Omega
  5. Tomohiro Ishii
  6. Kota Ibushi
  7. Will Ospreay
  8. Kazuchika Okada
  9. The Young Bucks
  10. Jon Moxley
  11. Katsuhiko Nakajima
  12. Naruki Doi
  13. Cody
  14. Kaito Ishida
  15. Takashi Sugiura
  16. Kento Miyahara
  17. Tetsuya Naito
  18. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  19. Adam Page
  20. Kzy
  21. Yuji Okabayashi
  22. Eita
  23. Darby Allin
  24. Kenoh
  25. Tetsuya Endo
  26. SHO
  27. Rey Fenix
  28. Minoru Suzuki
  29. PAC
  30. Ben-K
  31. Masato Tanaka
  32. Jay White
  33. Kaito Kiyomiya
  34. El Desperado
  35. Konosuke Takeshita
  36. Taichi
  37. Mayu Iwatani
  38. Masaaki Mochizuki
  39. Shotaro Ashino
  40. Yuya Aoki
  41. KENTA
  42. Finn Balor
  43. Kazusada Higuchi
  44. ACH
  45. Daichi Hashimoto
  46. Momo Watanabe
  47. Ricky Starks
  48. CHANGO & Kaji Tomato
  49. Guilia
  50. Dragon Dia

FSM 50 All-Time Rankings (2020-2014)

Will Ospreay117713632050
Bryan Danielson2131------28
Kento Miyahara32348163101318--
Jon Moxley4481023----19
Yuma Aoyagi527--------
Kazuchika Okada6298461132
Mike Bailey712----50-41-
Fuminori Abe8---------
Kenny Omega9-2425524--
Zack Sabre Jr.10-31-13255814
Orange Cassidy12---------
Katsuhiko Nakajima13-411-36----
Madoka Kikuta14---------
Shingo Takagi16193321818926-
Hangman Page18411519------
Swerve Strickland1947--------
Soberano Jr20---------
Tomohiro Ishii222027568415165
Suzu Suzuki2314--------
Claudio Castagnoli24------391713
Eddie Kingston25-19-------
Yuma Anzai26---------
El Hijo Del Vikingo2744--50-----
Big Boss Shimizu28---------
Luke Jacobs30---------
Axel Tischer31---------
Manabu Soya32---------
Chris Brookes33---------
Rocky Romero34---------
Takuya Nomura35---36-----
Darby Allin37-623------
Yuji Okabayashi39-34218-281615-
Hiromu Takahashi40--2-289---
El Desperado41242834------
Konosuke Takeshita4252435--24---
Shun Skywalker43311-35-----
Yuki Ueno45---------
Kaito Kiyomiya468353345-----
Tetsuya Naito4733-1711937-11-
Bryan Keith49---------
Yuji Nagata50---------
Adam Cole--39-30----17
AJ Styles-----5011211
Akira Tozawa-------132210
Atsuki Aoyagi-43--------
Aussie Open-30--------
Austin Aries---------32
Braun Strowman------41---
Britt Baker--47-------
Brock Lesnar--------11-
Buddy Murphy-----42----
CHANGO & Kaji Tomato---48------
Charlotte Flair-----48----
Chris Dickinson----47-----
Chris Hero-------612-
Chris Jericho-18--26--46--
Christian Cage--37-------
CM Punk-4516-------
Daichi Hashimoto---45------
Daisuke Sekimoto----10471981822
Daniel Garcia-3812-------
Davey Richards--43-------
David Starr----153330---
Dax Harwood-7--------
Dolph Ziggler---------31
Dragon Dia-34-50------
Dragon Lee----20---48-
Drew Galloway--------37-
El Barbaro Cavernario---------26
El Lindaman-9--------
El Phantasmo----31-----
Finn Balor---42---2721-
Go Shiozaki---1-41----
Hirooki Goto-------403235
Hiroshi Tanahashi--2018971014412
Ilja Dragunov-----3846---
Io Shirai----48-40---
Jamie Hayter-50--------
Jason Lee--30-------
Jay Briscoe--------4633
Jay Lethal--------43-
Jay White---321837----
Jeff Cobb--25-------
John Cena-------34525
Johnny Gargano----38122349-40
Jonathan Gresham----4026----
Jordan Devlin----121149---
Josh Alexander-3623-------
Juice Robinson-----24----
Jun Akiyama--------4448
Jungle Boy--29-------
Jungle Kyona----49-----
Kairi Sane-----34----
Kaito Ishida---14------
Katsuyori Shibata-------123516
Kazusada Higuchi-6-43------
Keith Lee------21---
Kevin Owens-------102-
Kota Ibushi--3665425-934
Kota Minoura--50-------
Kyle O’Reilly-----31-242815
La Sombra--------39-
Lance Archer----37-----
Luke Harper---------18
Mark Andrews---------46
Mark Haskins-------5049-
Marty Scurll------371147-
Masaaki Mochizuki--333821----9
Masashi Takeda-----32----
Masato Tanaka---31------
Masato Yoshino--------1939
Matt Riddle-----142637--
Matt Sydal--------10-
Mayu Iwatani-29-37--42---
Meiko Satomura-----25472540-
Michael Elgin------121936-
Minoru Suzuki---28-22---30
Momo Watanabe---46------
Mustafa Ali-----21----
Naomichi Marufuji-----43-22--
Naoya Nomura----22-----
Naruki Doi---12------
Nick Jackson----42-----
Pentagon Jr-----35-4531-
Pete Dunne-----201429--
Randy Orton---------36
Rey Fenix-2114271416334333-
Rey Hechicero---------47
Ricky Knight Jr.-4242-------
Ricky Starks---47------
Robbie Eagles--38-33-----
Roderick Strong-----29--7-
Roman Reigns------36203845
Sami Zayn-------17-8
Sasha Banks--------6-
Saya Kamitani-16--------
SB KENTo--13-------
Serena Deeb--49-------
Seth Rollins-----17-47144
Shane Strickland-----46----
Shigehiro Irie-40--------
Shinsuke Nakamura-------30133
Shotaro Ashino---3941-39---
Shuji Ishikawa----46-2931--
Starlight Kid-32--------
Takashi Sugiura--40153419----
Takuma Fujiwara-48--------
Tam Nakano-35--------
Tetsuya Endo---25------
The Bar------35---
The Briscoe Brothers-46--------
The New Day------22---
The Usos------15--21
The Young Bucks-1159-133132237
Thunder Rosa--21-------
Timothy Thatcher----2430--25-
Tom Lawlor--45-------
Tommaso Ciampa-----44----
Tommy End--------2941
Tomoaki Honma--------4224
Trent Barreta------20---
Trevor Lee------2744--
Tyler Bate-----1517---
Utami Hayashishita--41-------
Volador Jr------453550-
Yuki Yoshioka-15--------
Yuya Aoki--40------