The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules
July 19, 2020
WWE Performance Center & The Wyatt Swamp
Orlando, Florida

Watch: WWE Network

WWE United States Championship
Apollo Crews © vs. MVP

The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules will be the setting for this WWE United States Championship match featuring The fervent self-promoter MVP and Apollo Crews. This feud began when MVP offered his services to the new United States Champion in Crews. Apollo turned down MVP raising the ire of both MVP and his top client “The Almighty” Bobby Lashley. The WWE United States Championship was the launching pad for MVP’s biggest push back in 2007 (13 years ago for those keeping score at home). Can he once again reign as the champion of the COVID capital of the world? We’ll find out this Sunday at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules. My guess is MVP loses and send his client Lashley for the next title opportunity. Prediction: Apollo Crews

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
Bayley © vs. Nikki Cross

The energetic superstar Nikki Cross secured the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship opportunity at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules by besting her teammate Alexa Bliss, Dana Brooke and The Sassy Southern Belle Lacey Evans. Nikki rides the momentum, of, well, hmmm, she won the Fatal Four Way match to receive the title opportunity. Prior to winning the Fatal Four Way and receiving a championship opportunity at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, Cross lost to both Sasha Banks (June 15) and Billie Kay (May 26) in singles competition. Cross also racked up losses to Bayley & Banks in multiple tag matches along the way.

But, hey, she made the most of her opportunity and now gets a championship opportunity at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules. Good for her. Bayley is one of WWE’s top performers right now, a bonafide star in a company desperately in need of somebody, anybody with a pulse. Switching the title here would be a very bad decision.

Oh no. Prediction: Bayley

WWE Championship – TBD Match
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

The Scottish Superstar will look to remain WWE Champion in the always unpredictable TBD Match. Dolph Ziggler, who debuted with WWE during George H.W. Bush’s administration, is desperate to prove his worth and get back to the mountain top. He’ll have the opportunity to do so thanks to this championship opportunity at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules. A few days ago, Joe Lanza tweeted several Dolph Ziggler fun facts on Twitter and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

The Show Off’s move to RAW has instantly propelled him into this WWE Championship opportunity which is either a testament to the impact of Dolph Ziggler or a disturbing sign of just how shallow WWE’s pool of main eventers and title contenders are. I’ll let you guys decide which.

Joking aside, we have no idea what the stipulation for this match will be. Rumors of a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match would be perfectly *chef’s kiss* as having an unadvertised dangerous, stunt-filled match would fit well with WWE, a company that is promoting a show called The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules during a pandemic. Prediction: Drew McIntyre

Wyatt Swamp Fight
Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt

You can’t have a The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules without a Wyatt Swamp Fight. You just can’t. This is non-title, by the way. This match build began at Money in the Bank when Braun Strowman defeated Bray Wyatt in a match filled to the brim with symbolism and storytelling the likes of which man has never seen. In case you didn’t see it, Braun held up a mask he used to wore when he was in the Wyatt Family during the match. This stunned Strowman into near-submission but finally, he was able to overcome the deluge of emotion to finish the job and win the match.

Anyway, after a few weeks away Wyatt returned on his Firefly Fun House. Wyatt then appeared in a similar look as he did many years back when he was the leader of The Wyatt Family, which, as mentioned above, Strowman used to be a member of. Wyatt told Braun that he created him so he could destroy him. Strowman brought up a story about a time they shared at Wyatt’s… uh… compound/flophouse in the Florida Swamps and said that he was going to drag Bray into said swamps so that alligators could eat him.

It’s up to you to figure out if I made all of that up or if it’s the real story of the match at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules.

The tease of this match is that a man (Bray Wyatt) will be eaten by alligators. So there’s that. The big question is will we see THE FIEND at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules. Let me tell you; I can’t wait to find out this Sunday streaming live on the WWE Network. Prediction: Braun Strowman

WWE RAW Women’s Championship
Asuka © vs. Sasha Banks

Okay, let me be serious for a moment. Sasha, Bayley, Asuka and Kairi Sane are the best parts of WWE television over the last month and it’s not even close. They’ve made sure to touch nearly all of WWE’s brand (still waiting for their NXT UK debut I guess). They’ve been able to maintain some semblance of logic and reason in a company otherwise devoid of it. The big story going into this match is Sasha Banks trying to join her teammate Bayley as a double champion. Banks holds the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship while Bayley of course is SmackDown Women’s Champion. As much as I like the idea of Banks beating Asuka and joining Bayley as a double champion, the better story is probably Banks losing and become jealous of her teammate. Either way, I’m genuinely, legitimately, actually excited about this match which has the potential and should be the Match of the Night. Prediction: Asuka

Eye for an Eye Match
Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio

The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules will feature the first-ever Eye for an Eye match in history. When word came of an Eye for an Eye match at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, many figured this was just a euphemism to build off Rollins’ attack and destruction of Mysterio’s eye. Eye for an Eye was the symbolism that would drive Mysterio’s motivations in this match. Honestly, it’s not the worst story. Thankfully World Wrestling Entertainment let us know that, no, in fact, the Eye for an Eye match at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules can only be won when “one competitor extracts an eye of their opponent.” So, this Sunday, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network, at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, a man will have his eye literally removed from its socket to win a professional wrestling match.

What do you want me to say? What can I say?

Two entirely competent pro wrestlers including the ageless Rey Mysterio Jr. will have a match where one of their eyes will be pulled from its socket. Of course, that won’t actually happen — or, well, hopefully not! Instead, we’ll be treated to poor low-level Hollywood CGI and terrible foley sound effects of jello or something to mimic a man’s eye being removed from its socket streaming live on the WWE Network at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules.

Most likely it’ll be Rollins who losses an eye given that Mysterio is already missing an eye but who knows. Mysterio is working without a contract so maybe he’s leaving and him being blind (due to having no more eyes) could be the write-off. The more likely scenario is Monday Night Messiah gets his eye removed at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules so he can wear an eye patch to accentuate his look and creepy cult leader gimmick. I’m honestly rooting for that finish to see them eventually try to get out of the stipulation weeks, months, or years down the line. Prediction: Rey Mysterio