On Thursday, 2/12/15, WWE will announce their full-year/Q4 results for 2014.

Questions abound…

  • Will they explain the future of the WWE Studios?
  • Will they finally lay out a plan on how they’re going to monetize social media?
  • Will they present new, revised economics around the WWE Network?
  • Will they announce a new merchandise deal with Tapout?
  • Will they announce what they’re doing in the markets where they haven’t yet launched the WWE Network?
  • Are they announcing new international strategy to address the diminishing attendance and revenue generation?
  • How did Home Entertainment fare – will the new WB deal open any new opportunities?
  • Are they doing any more cost-cutting?
  • What are they doing about cash-flow concerns – are they getting more pre-payments for their TV deals (like the $50M one they announced last quarter)?
  • What are their realistic goals for WWE Network subscription rates for 2015?
  • Will they begin reporting WWE Network subscriber numbers monthly?

Host Chris Harrington (@mookieghana) will walk through these questions as well as discuss his recent articles about Analyzing WWE, looking at the WWE Board of Directors and WWE Network as a Internet Bubble Stock!

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