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EVOLVE 82 Results & Review

EVOLVE 82 did not match the hype generated around it when the card was announced, mainly due to the disappointing main event. However, that should not be a reason to discount the event. A crisp opener and a fantastic tag title match put the show on a quality level.

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WWE NXT (April 6): A Dose of Nakamura

Tonight’s WWE NXT is recap heavy. Just about everything you haven’t seen before involves lots of Cathy Kelley and a green screen. That sucks from a viewing standpoint, and is a super garbage cop out, but I get to dive a little deeper into a lot of the developments from Takeover, so stick with me in this review.

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Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

WWE is rapidly approaching a vital crossroads, one that could potentially change the creative course of the promotion for the next half century. Either a new supreme hero will be identified and created in the near future using the tenets of the McMahon Doctrine, or the longstanding law of heroes will finally be vetoed in favor of a new approach.

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WWE NXT (February 24) Review: Much Ado About Nothing

More CFE Arena! More holding patterns! Right here, on WWE NXT!

Tonight’s WWE NXT features a handful of entertaining matches, but mostly more of the same. With the promise of a major debut and huge main event next week, NXT promises to be on fire between now and Takeover: Dallas.

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WWE SmackDown (February 11) Review

The Jericho/Styles sandwich on this week’s SmackDown betrays a painfully depleted roster and the lurking ghost of “wins and losses don’t matter”: but these things are a lot easier to forgive when the wrestling is actually good.

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WWE TeenyMates Review

Through WWE TeenyMates, those fans can experience the ultimate human experience of searching for something and they just might get hooked on what they find.

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