Shake Them Ropes
February 10, 2015
Episode 65

Rob McCarron is so excited to be going to NXT this week. Jeff Hawkins is so excited to listen to me talk about going to NXT this week. It’s a fun show! We’ll talk WWE Raw, the mixed reactions to Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, the extra episode of Raw known as Fast Lane, plus a full preview of NXT Takeover Rival this Wednesday. We also get into Match #88 of our Top 100 countdown!

00:00-03:00: Triple H Conference Call Notes
03:00-04:00: Bayley #LikeAGirl
04:00-06:30: Rob is tired & recording out of order
06:30-21:00: WWE Raw
21:00-25:00: No one is excited for Sheamus
25:00-26:10: It’s NXT Week
26:10-50:00: NXT Takeover Rival Preview
50:00-60:00: Cactus & Payne vs Nasty Boys

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