Circle 6
Hoodfoot presents Crosses & Caskets
March 30, 2023
Knucklehead Hollywood
Hollywood, California

Watch: YouTube


  • Doors of Mayhem Match: Matt Locke def. Terex (10:26)
  • Three-Way Cinder Block Match: Malcolm Monroe III def. Hoodfoot (11:13)
  • Casket Match: AJ Gray def. JTG (11:56)

After a long rain delay and a reshuffling of the cards, it was time for the violence portion of these Circle 6 streams.

The Matt Locke versus Terex Doors of Mayhem match was a ⅔ Doors Match. Terex immediately threw Locke through a door. After some very slow back-and-forth, Terex slowly launched himself at Locke who moved out of the way so we’re at 1-1 on the doors. Terex crushed Locke with a crossbody on a chair in a cool spot. The final door was covered in light tubes and Terex was powerbombed through them. This wasn’t much of a match but you’re not getting any technical wrestling from Terex.

It’s getting late in California and it’s getting dark in the Knucklehead Hollywood parking lot. I don’t know if they have lights.

They took off the ring mat for the Cinderblock match and that ring is WET from the rain. Satu Jinn was scheduled for this match but didn’t appear. Monroe swinging the cinder blocks as a weapon was a bit awkward. After that spot, this really picked up and they worked with the cinder blocks to create a cohesive match. For such a limited weapon, they really made the best of it. Good stuff.

AJ Gray started the Casket match by wrestling like The Undertaker (who apparently is a big fan of Gray – you might need to check the sources on that claim). Casket matches are rarely good and this didn’t blow me away. The sun had set in Los Angeles so this was getting dark quickly which looked weird. Gray hit a pretty nice lariat that led to the finish. Other than that, this was full of nothing moves with a poor match structure.

Final Thoughts

Not the best of shows. The Cinder Block match was the highlight of the show and even that wasn’t great. I think this could have been a lot better if the Cinder Block match was given more time.