Shake Them Ropes
November 27, 2014
Episode 52

We continue running down the list of WWE Network’s list of the Top 100 Matches to See Before You Die. This week, it’s DDP vs Goldberg from WCW Halloween Havoc 1998, a match that happened after the Pay-Per-View went off the air! We’ll also discuss the main topics from this week’s WWE Raw, plus get Rob’s thoughts on attending Smackdown live on Tuesday. A packed hour of wrestling talk! Hope all of our US listeners have a happy Thanksgiving, and our international listeners a happy end of November! The full list of WWE Network’s Top 100 Matches can be found at

00:00-04:00: Happy Birthday to Rob
04:00-20:25: Main Topics from WWE Raw
20:25-22:15: Voices of Wrestling Crossover?
22:15-27:00: Jeff Buys Tickets to PWG
27:00-31:30: AJ Lee vs Bellas Dynamic
31:30-44:00: Rob’s Live Smackdown Thoughts
44:00-60:00: Goldberg vs DDP – Havoc 1998

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