If you’ve read any of Bryan Rose’s Raw Reports on this very site, you’ll know his and our disdain for PPV rematches on the next night’s Raw. Bryan has even began to call the post-PPV event Raw “Rematchapalooza” to signify this epidemic.

But is it an epidemic? Do we overreact to a small samples of rematches? I wanted to find out so I took a look at all Raws that had a PPV the previous night from the end of the brand extension — August 29, 2011 to the present.

If you’d like to see what the numbers during the brand extension and beyond as well as Smackdown numbers, Chris Harrington put together a nice listing.

What I found was pretty interesting, here’s a quick graph to give you an idea of the amount of PPV rematches:

VoicesofWrestling.com - Rematchapalooza

And here is the percentage of PPV matches rematched the next night on Raw:

VoicesofWrestling.com - Rematchapalooza

I’m not sure what you’d define as an epidemic but this has the makings of it. We’re still seeing less than 30% of PPV matches rematched the next night on Raw, but why the hell are we even seeing that? In 2013, 12.35% on PPV matches were done again the next night on Raw. That’s too damn many.

I should note I’m using a straight rematch for our dataset. This means the exact same match. I initially toyed with the idea of tag team mashups (e.g. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane and Triple H vs. CM Punk at the PPV leading into Daniel Bryan/CM Punk vs. Kane/Triple H on Raw). Just looking through the match listings, our percentage would be quite a bit higher if we included that.

I’ve also left out matches derived from multi-man/tag matches the previous night. Say The Usos, The Rhodes Family and Rybaxel fought at the PPV, the next night on Raw say The Usos take on Rybaxel. I didn’t count those as I wanted to stay pure as far as rematches went.

Let’s get back to 2013, while other years saw a few rematches here and there including two rematches of Extreme Rules 2012, last year stuck out like a sore thumb and sadly, the trend is continuing into 2014.

Only two PPVs in 2013 escaped the wrath of Rematchapalooza: WrestleMania 29 and Extreme Rules 2013. WrestleMania is completely clean at 0% while Extreme Rules is one of the top with 7.87%.

Among consistent PPVs, Royal Rumble tops the list with 13.33% of its matches rematched with Elimination Chamber (8.93%) and Night of Champions (7.87%) close behind.

Royal Rumble is a matter of small sample as the average Royal Rumble in our dataset had only 5.3 matches against our average of 7.97 matches per PPV during this time. Both Royal Rumble 2013 (Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show) and 2014 (New Age Outlaws vs. Rhodes Family) had a rematch, causing the percentage to skyrocket.

The lowest percentage of rematches comes from Hell in a Cell with a paltry 3.7% despite an average of eight matches per PPV. The next closest is SummerSlam at 5.56%

So, who is victimized the most? There’s one name that (to me) is synonymous with Rematchapalooza and that is Dolph Ziggler. Well, it’s true. Dolph leads our list with 4, here’s all those who had more than one appearance:

  • Alberto Del Rio: 3
  • Dean Ambrose: 3
  • The Miz: 3
  • Wade Barrett: 2
  • Santino: 2
  • Kane: 2
  • Kofi Kingston: 2
  • Cesaro: 2
  • Cody Rhodes: 2
  • Damien Sandow: 2
  • Big E: 2

And now some final numbers to wrap this bad-boy up, again data is from August 29, 2011 to the present:

  • 18 total PPV rematches on Raw
  • 263 total PPV matches
  • 6.87% of PPV matches are rematched the next night on Raw
  • 2% in 2011
  • 1.97% in 2011
  • 12.35% in 2012
  • 11.25% in 2014

Sometime soon I’ll have to look at the amount of Raw matches rematched five days later on Smackdown, I suspect that number may be through the roof.

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