This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk four huge shows from NOAH, NJPW and DDT in an absolutely packed episode!

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John is joined by returning guest & VOW contributor Gerard di Trolio (@GerardDiTrolio) as they start out with a tiny bit of AEW/forbidden door talk, but very quickly transition right into this week’s topic- a ton of big puro shows to cover! They start out with NOAH’s much-anticipated return to the Nippon Budokan from 2/12, Destination 2021, and get right into their thoughts on the controversial Keiji Mutoh vs. Go Shiozaki main event (and specifically the result). They eventually review every match on the card of this eventful show, talk about how NOAH is trying to present themselves as the “anti-NJPW” in many different ways, and discuss where things might be going during the rest of 2021.

Then they turn their attentions to NJPW’s two New Beginning in Hiroshima shows, and John has some complaints here. What the hell is this EVIL/Okada feud? Does this booking for Naito to challenge Kota only for the Intercontinental title make sense with what they’ve done previously? These weren’t great shows, and John runs down some of their big problems. Plus, they look ahead to two very different looking CASTLE ATTACK shows at the end of the month.

Finally the two of them wrap things up with a full review of the DDT Kawasaki Strong show from 2/14, including the huge Jun Akiyama vs. Tetsuya Endo main event as well as the rest of the card. They then look ahead to what DDT has coming up for the rest of the month and get excited about a future KO-D title match, as things look strong for DDT coming out of this show (well, Universe performance aside!).

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