It’s the final draft episode of 2018 this week on Wrestling Omakase! All the winners from past episodes compete: Winner of Vol. 1 (WWE Men/NJPW) Alex (@AlexWendland), winner of Vol. 2 (WWE Women/Joshi) & Vol. 3 (Indie Puro) John, winner of Vol. 4 (US/UK Indies) Jake (@Oatgan), and winner of Vol. 5 (Lucha) Mike Spears (@fujiiheya).

This time around our draft board is EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, of any gender! WWE, NJPW, lucha, indies in America and Japan and around the entire world, joshi, no matter where anyone wrestles they are eligible! Each of us make 30 picks (the most picks of any of these drafts, although interestingly this ISN’T the longest draft episode…) and put together our rosters, then take them and put together our dream cards at the end! Once you’ve finished listening, head to the @wrestleomakase Twitter account (or look at the embedded tweet below) and vote for who you think had the best card. Who wins the draft of champions is all up to you. We hope you enjoy our final fantasy draft episode of the year, this week on Wrestling Omakase!

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