It’s the debut episode of Wrestling Omakase, a new podcast here at VOW based around a rotating co-host concept and covering a wide variety of the wrestling world. Join host John Carroll (@toshanshuinla) and their guest Connor Dunphy (@isalrightnow) as they kick off this new series discussing New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The major topics include Connor’s article from earlier this month comparing the traditional “strong style” with NJPW’s current style, the major matches and other takeaways from the three recent Kizuna Road Korakuens, this weekend’s upcoming G1 in the US shows (briefly, and why neither of them are looking forward to them), and finally a full preview of the upcoming G1 Climax.

Other topics covered include AJPW, early Zero-One, and how both John & Connor began as wrestling fans (and what changed for them). We hope you’re ready to join us on a new journey through the entire world of professional wrestling!

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