Impact Wrestling on Destination America
Wednesday, June 24
Soundstage 20
Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

Angle and EC3 started off the show building up next week’s World title match. Angle promised EC3 would tap out next week. EC3 said he’s been undefeated for the last 614 days and Angle will be no different next week. Angle will face an opponent of EC3’s choosing in the main event. EC3 selected Matt Hardy as Angle’s opponent.

TNA X-Division Championship – Low Ki vs. Grado vs. Tigre Uno – Elimination Match

Low Ki slapped Grado in the face but Grado retaliated with a Flip, Flop and Fly. Low Ki pushed Grado off the top and eliminated him with the Warriors Way. Uno tried to catch Low Ki with a variety of roll ups but Low Ki escaped. Low Ki got crotched on the top going for Warriors Way and Uno hit a super Frankensteiner for two. Low Ki missed a dropkick in the corner and Uno hit a Phoenix Splash to become new champion. Uno wouldn’t have been my choice as new champion. He’s occasionally spectacular, and occasionally prone to huge blunders (not to mention occasionally dangerous). He’s not nearly consistent enough. This match was fine, nothing really standout about it and as usual too rushed to amount to much of real substance. **1/4

Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky – If Velvet Wins She Gets A Spot On The Roster

They brawled for a while before Angelina took over. Velvet made a comeback but Angelina scored a nearfall with the Lights Out. Velvet picked up the win with a Stunner. This was inoffensive. *1/2

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. The Wolves – Full Metal Mayhem – Match 4

Pinfall or submission to win this one. Aries and Roode were initially reluctant to use weapons, feeling they were pure wrestlers above degrading themselves with such nonsense. They controlled The Wolves for a while before The Wolves made a comeback with weapons. This match had some fun, inventive use of weapons including chairs and trashcans. The Wolves hit three straight stereo suicide dives. Edwards hit a double stomp onto a chair held over Roode’s back. Roode took Edwards up for a Powerbomb and roped him through a table with the aid of an Aries dropkick but Davey broke up the pin. The Wolves hit an Alarm Clock followed by a double Van Terminator. The Wolves went for a Powerbomb/Backbreaker combo but Roode took out Richards with a chair, low blowed Edwards and Aries rolled up Edwards for the win. They didn’t go totally crazy here and the flow could have been better at times but this was far and away the best thing on this show. ***3/4

Jeff and Karen Jarrett made their way to the ring. Jeff said TNA sent him a text saying they had a proposal for him. TNA proposed that Jarrett return to enter his own match at Slammiversary – the King of the Mountain. Jarrett talked about some of the things that happened in the Impact Zone (talking about the likes of Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles). Jeff was wondering what Karen thought about the proposal. Karen was initially against returning to TNA. But after some consultation with Sonjay Dutt, Karen said she realized that TNA is Jeff’s baby and Jeff didn’t get to leave TNA on his own terms. Jarrett promised to walk the aisle one last time on Sunday for Slammiversary and win King of the Mountain. King of the Mountain on Sunday does become much more interesting now because you have to assume there’s going to be some sort of big angle happening there. Karen and Jeff were typically very good here.

Bram vs. Vader

 Yes folks, Vader of all people answered Bram’s open challenge. Vader’s TNA career is famous of course, that one match he had with Dusty Rhodes vs. The Harris Brothers. Vader adjusted his pants and hit the Vader Bomb but Bram got his foot on the bottom rope. Bram grabbed a steel turnbuckle and at nailed Vader with it for the DQ. Matt Morgan returned to make the save and challenge Bram this Sunday at Slammiversary. I didn’t think Matt Morgan would be saving Vader from Bram when I started this show.

Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez

 I have no clue why this match isn’t on the PPV Sunday. There is literally no reason why. Young dominated the match and attempted to pull Melendez’ leg off. Melendez made a very brief comeback before getting cut off with a Piledriver, handing Young the win. This was essentially a squash match. *

The BDC and The Rising were brawling before the main event as this feud must continue (it would help proceedings greatly if this feud actually produced anything worthwhile). Hernandez, appearing on both Impact and Lucha Underground on the same night, came out and laid out The Rising including a Border Toss to Drew. In the last hour of this show we’ve had Matt Morgan, Vader, Hernandez, and Jeff and Karen Jarrett return to TNA. You certainly can’t say this wasn’t a newsworthy Impact.

Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy

 Josh Mathews said this is the first time they’ve ever wrestled which isn’t true, they wrestled on Heat once in 2000 and had a dark match before Shotgun Saturday Night in 1999. So it would be more accurate to say this is their first major singles match ever. Hardy took it to Angle but Angle hit a Belly to Belly. They exchanged punches but Angle ducked and unloaded with German’s. Hardy hit a Side Effect for two. Angle hit the Angle Slam for two. Angle locked on an Ankle Lock but Hardy rolled through into a roll up for two. Matt missed a Moonsault, Angle hit two Germans but Matt escaped the third and hit a three Side Effects but Angle still kicked out. Hardy hit Twist of Fate but Angle kicked out. Hardy went for another Twist of Fate but Angle picked the ankle for the submission win. Very rushed because they didn’t have too much time but they did make the most of it. I’d love to see them go longer with some more time to flesh out the body of the match. ***

EC3 and Tyrus attacked Angle after the match. Tyrus took out Hardy but Angle dropped Tyrus with the Angle Slam. Angle locked EC3 in the Ankle Lock and EC3 tapped out.

Final Thoughts: This was a different TNA, not necessarily better (aside from Full Metal Mayhem this wasn’t a particularly great show or anything), but certainly more desperate. They seemed to at least be coming out swinging. TNA can’t afford “enemies” right now and it’s clear they believe that’s the case too with Jarrett returning. At the very least desperate TNA should be more interesting than the dull, lifeless TNA of the last six months.