Shake Them Ropes
March 21, 2015

Chris “mookieghana” Harrington comes back to Shake Them Ropes to run down some of the hot business topics of current WWE. Chris masterfully breaks down the WWE Network expectations for the rest of 2015, predictions on the subscriber number on March 30, and possible content that should be added to WWE Network. We’ll also talk super random topics such as Sid, Cage of Death as a WrestleMania main event, NXT’er in the Andre Battle Royal, and the sad news of the death of Perro Aguayo Jr.

00:00-13:30: Death of Perro Aguayo Jr
13:30-27:30: WWE Network Conference Call
27:30-37:00: Podcast & Network Show Ideas
37:00-43:00: Network Subscriber Prediction
43:00-46:30: Sting’s future
46:30-50:00: NXT’er in Andre Battle Royal
50:00-60:00: NXT as Touring Brand
60:00-60:45: Favorite Briley Pierce Moment
60:45-62:00: Johnny Parisi Discussion
62:00-65:00: Fujinami & WWE HOF
65:00-65:30: Favorite Briley Pierce Moment 2
65:30-67:00: Meeting Dave Meltzer
67:00-77:30: PPV Parties & Disappointments
77:30-80:30: Favorite Sid Moment
80:30-87:00: WWE/DraftKings/Fantasy Leagues
87:00-94:00: Chris Books Cage of Death at Mania 32
94:00-97:00: Big Diesel Steve Nash Retires

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