Circle 6
March 31, 2023
Knucklehead Hollywood
Hollywood, California

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  • Calvin Tankman def. Juicy Finau (7:19)
  • Jacob Fatu def. Big Damo (9:25)
  • AJ Gray def. Jake Something (10:20)

Guess what? POWER HOUR started late! But it’s POWER HOUR! Big boys doing big boy shit! It’s fine!

The mic is broken again.

Juicy Finau and Calvin Tankman were two big men slapping meat… and then that stopped and it got really bad as Juicy slowly worked over Tankman. Tankman did an awful crossbody from the middle rope. They were gassed at the five minute mark and lay on the mat for what felt like a good minute recovering. Juicy missed a Swanton and then Tankman hit a Hidden Blade for the win. Thank you for ending this match.

Big Damo versus Jacob Fatu was the complete opposite of Tankman/Finau. This rocked! Two big guys who came to work and brought it! They beat each other from pillar to post and everywhere else in the Knucklehead Hollywood back alley. Fatu hit a tope! They were kicking out of each other’s signature moves and it was really enjoyable. The match of the show and Jacob Fatu is two for two on good Circle 6 matches this weekend.

Jake Something is JACKED! The dueling shoulder tackle spot will always pop me and it was a fun way to start the match. After absolutely trucking Gray, Something worked over the knee and things slowed down. That didn’t stop Gray hitting a leg drop from the top rope for a near fall. Something hit a dope chokeslam. Gray fought back to hit a Lariat for the win. This was alright. The opening stretch was pretty good but the leg work was a bit iffy and it didn’t reach the same heights afterwards.

Overall Thoughts

The streak of good Circle 6 shows continues. The POWER HOUR started horribly but improved considerably with the Damo/Fatu match. A serviceable half hour of wrestling if you skip the opener.

Match Recommendations

  • Big Damo vs. Jacob Fatu