This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk three different Korakuen Hall shows from three different promotions, more on EVIL as champion so far, we set the table for the Sengoku Lord main event and we discuss a possible return to Japan by……*thunderclap* The Gamer.

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John is joined by returning guest Hayley (@choerrycoloured) as they start by talking how hard an anime con season without any anime cons is for both of them. They quickly move on to the wrestling shows they’re here to talk about, namely three Korakuen events, starting with NJPW’s New Japan Road show from Monday (7/20). This involves obviously more EVIL discussion, plus a lot of El Desperado praise and a LOT of Master Wato talk. Seriously, a whole lotta Wato. Much of it might be hard to make out due to our combined laughter but we’re sorry. We also do a quick preview of the top 3 of Sengoku Lord and where we think NJPW is going from here.

Then we move over to the world of DDT and Tokyo Joshi for the first time in a long time, talking their Korakuen double-header from Thursday 7/23. On the Tokyo Joshi side we discuss Yuki Aino’s big main event shot against Yuka Sakazaki, a spirited battle with Mina Shirakawa and Yuki Kamifuku and a whole lot more. We then talk DDT’s Summer Vacation, talking how great Jun Akiyama in DDT is going so far, an awesome main event with Tetsuya Endo and Yuki Ueno, and some comedy that didn’t quite land. Finally we wrap things up with a few of your questions, including: who will unseat EVIL, who will win the Tokyo Joshi Princess Cup and who will win King of DDT. Will Endo succeed in bringing the dreaded Gamer himself, Kenneth James Omega (NOTE: I have no idea if that’s actually his middle name, it just sounds funny), back to DDT? Will the immigration authorities stop him? Will HAROLD intervene yet again?!

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