This week on Wrestling Omakase the Year in Review series rolls on, as we get this one out of the way early. Back for another year, the Year in Review series will focus on a different promotion (or type of wrestling) each week and get you all caught up on them. Didn’t see a ton from their year? Feel like you need a refresher course? We go through as much of the year as we can in chronological order, highlighting stuff you may have missed along the way. Then we discuss our picks from the promotion for the traditional Observer-style awards, including Wrestler of the Year, Most Outstanding Wrestler, Best Major Show, Match of the Year and more.

Yes, folks, it’s time to talk some World Wrestling Entertainment. John is joined by not one, not two, not three, but FOUR (!) returning guests, all of them VOW contributors: Jack (@packerman120), Lawson (@LawsonComedy89), Kelly (@comicgeekelly) and Suit (@SuitWilliams). All five of them break down the year that was for WWE on an episode that kind of felt vaguely like we were all on one long acid trip while we were recording it. Did any of this shit actually happen? Listen and tell us, I guess. We go month-by-month through the main roster’s PPV events, talk the various NXT Takeovers more broadly, discuss which of the weekly TV shows were any good this year, give our picks for award contenders from the WWE as a whole, and finally wrap things up with plenty of listener questions. 2018 WWE is, if nothing else, a journey. We’re not sure why we took that journey, exactly, but we’re sure it was a journey, and we hope you’ll listen along, this week!

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