Just as the G1 Climax concludes, Chris Harrington (@mookieghana) and Brandon Howard (@brandonthurston) are joined by NJPW subreddit moderator @EvanDeadlySinsW to analyze New Japan business! Topics include:

  • Impression of Harold Meij as new leader
  • How is the US expansion going?
  • New stars to watch out for (Ayato Yoshida?)
  • Relationship between ROH & NJPW
  • Lessons from this year’s G1
  • Expanding WrestleKingdom accessibility to international attendances
  • Risks for NJPW
  • Opportunities for NJPW
  • Health of other Japanese Wrestling companies

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This week on Wrestlenomics Premium, they discuss:

  • NJPW balance sheets, 2007-2017
  • Sinclair-Tribune merger collapses, Tribune sues
  • Colt Cabana sues CM Punk
  • ROH & NJPW G1 Supercard event sells out Madison Square Garden
  • All-In broadcasting news

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