This week on Wrestling Omakase John is joined by first time guest Jahmale (@RealHero12089) to discuss the AJPW Champion Carnival so far! They break down each and every match that’s taken place in All Japan’s answer to the G1 up through now, from the 4/7 kick off show through 4/18. Hear their thoughts on Yuji Hino’s reign of FUCKING BOMB terror, Naomichi Marufuji coming back to where he started, Yoshitatsu hating the BULLET CLUB until the day he dies, Kento Miyahara doing typical Kento Miyahara things, and much more! Once they’re done recapping the matches that have already taken place they go over the standings and then discuss the remaining schedule and who they think might be going on to the finals. Finally after the AJPW talk is over they do some brief talk of the ongoing Dragon Gate situation. It’s a lot of All Japan and a little bit of Dragon Gate, this week on Wrestling Omakase!

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