The Year in Review series heads into the realm of joshi (women’s) puroresu this week on Wrestling Omakase, as John is joined by returning guest Alexandra (@NOAHs_Savior) of Squared Circle Sirens to help them break down a number of promotions’ respective 2017s! We discuss Sendai Girls, Oz Academy, SEAdLINNNG, STARDOM, Ice Ribbon, and more, as we break down each promotion’s various strengths and weaknesses over the past year.

Alex then gives her picks for her joshi wrestler of the year, most outstanding wrestler, show of the year, feud of the year, tag team, etc. She then names her three favorite joshi promotions of the year, and finally wraps it up with a full top 10 Match of the Year list. Once all the awards are through we still have a substantial mailbag full of questions our readers sent to our Twitter account (@wrestleomakase), on topics ranging from favorite joshi theme song to who will be the best ace in 2018 and much more! It’s a full 2+ hours on all things Japanese women’s wrestling, this week on Wrestling Omakase!

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