STR: We Know Drama

This week, Superstar Billy Graham passes away and CM Punk wasn’t part of the WBD upfronts, but Ace Steel has been employed for months? What?

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STR. Arnando the Magnificent

This week: Are you ready for the AEW Multiverse? CM Punk may be back, Twitch and WWE make a deal, and more news then the LAZY RIVER OF WRESTLING CRITICISM: babyfaces cutting each other off at the knees, Jay White’s debut, Josh Briggs going for the Emmy, Arn Anderson as a Magician?  All this and more of the unrepentantly stupid that is our brand.

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STR. The House Always Wins

This week: The return of Vince McMahon, Cody loses at Wrestlemania, and a little bit on Butch Miller of the Sheepherders. The LAZY RIVER OF WRESTLING CRITICISM is flooded.

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