STR. Polly Positive

Everyone seemed to have a good week in the graps. AUNT PAM IS BACK! USA wanting an interim Raw champion, Time Warner Discovery and more!

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STR. Expired Soda

STR this week, Jeff gives a mostly positive update on his cancer battle, and Chris is tired of him milking it. Then after Jeff declares war on mom and pop convenience stores, we talk Raw going TV-14 and what our jaundiced view tells us, All Out instantly sells out, and the Grizzled Young Veterans get new names. Then the LAZY RIVER OF WRESTLING CRITICISM: the Cora Jade turn, having friends in wrestling storylines and why its a good thing, a mild debate over Wardlow and Orange Cassidy, do title elimination matches make champions less special, sandbags, and we end with a discussion about the ROH ppv within AEW’s business plan.

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STR. Salute to Air Conditioning

This week we celebrate air conditioning. In the news, Tim White, more on Stephanie becoming acting CEO, HHH “is back,” Muto’s retirement tour, Ric Flair’s “retirement” match and more. Then THE LAZY RIVER OF WRESTLING CRITICISM: Forbidden Door, Christian Cage, Elias/Ezekiel, Omos/Riddle and more! 

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STR. Wince McMahon

This week, Vince McMahon. The Wall Street Journal reports on Vince and his NDAs, stepping down except still running creative, Vince and Oliver Luck.

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