Shake Them Ropes. Booyay.

This week AEW hits a low and Rock and Cody bring it home. Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch are talking a lot on book tours and we talk about audiences this week.

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Shake Them Ropes. Things are Good

Jeff returns after the death of his father, which he talks a little about then they go over some news stories missed in his absence including Kevin Kelly’s firing and a footnote about the death of Jackie Crockett.

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Shake Them Ropes. Fun Had By All

This week we think both companies had pretty good weeks. Okada debuts for AEW, the Rock gets all the Rock IP, the WWE starts the Hall of Fame announcements and MORE. 

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Shake Them Ropes: Empty Vessels

John Cena and Randy Orton playing footsie with the Vince McMahon allegations to different bad results, the hiring of Jen Pepperman in AEW and why it’s a possibly great hire, and the Rock decides now’s the time for a Ric Flair biopic. 

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Shake Them Ropes: Chester Arthur

This week, Chris and Jeff talk about the Ashley Massaro affidavit, why we have sympathy for QT Marshall, the other news and then the LAZY RIVER OF WRESTLING CRITICISM.

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