STR. Laborious Day

Hawkins goes solo as he talks Perry/Punk at All In, Cena back in WWE, the AOP on the roster and the women of Impact Wrestling.

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STR. Egg Sucking Dogs

We talk about the passings of Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt and Jeff’s journey to becoming a Terry Funk fan through JCP.

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STR. Maginot Line

In the news: Cash Wheeler gets arrested, CM Punk throwing weight and shade, Edge wrestles his last in WWE and Asuka addresses her enemies!

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STR. Great American Bash 2023

This week, we ask the question was the AEW sign about the women’s division acknowledgment or an attempt to spike the football? Vince gets surgery, is he now Mecha-Vince?

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STR. Blood and Yucks

Mantaur, Smackdown is the top show in ratings, AEW goes back to back weeks with PPVs and AEW talent gets a memo. Then THE LAZY RIVER OF WRESTLING CRITICISM.

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Shake Them Ropes: Pettiness

This week, Vince decides to roll into AEW territory, Collision had low ratings but Nov knows why, then THE LAZY RIVER OF WRESTLING CRITICISM.

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