G1 Climax 30

Seven years.

For the last seven years, Voices of Wrestling has been hosting the original and still the best New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax Pick’Em contest.

If you’re new to our pick’em game, here are the basics: you’ll pick every single G1 Climax tournament match, determine who you think will win (or if there’s a draw) and select your G1 Climax 30 Block winners and runner-ups. We also ask that you give a G1 Climax 30 Final match time to act as a tiebreaker should you be in the running for a prize.

It’s helpful to know the running tally of points/block leaders as you make your picks, so we’ve included two cheat sheets to help you make your picks. Special thanks to @GarethElton and @TheChrisSamsa for putting these together!

Please be sure to read all these rules carefully. While we’re available to take questions on Twitter (twitter.com/voicesWrestling) or on our Discord (voicesofwrestling.com/discord), this is a huge tournament with a large number of participants. We may not get to every single question or issue, so, again, please read these carefully and make sure you understand the process before contacting us.

Throughout the process, we’ll calculate your points and give updates throughout the tournament at voicesofwrestling.com and voicesofwrestling.com/discord.

At the end of the G1 Climax 30 tournament, we’ll crown a grand pick’em champion. That champion and those who come in second and third in total points will receive a package of gifts from our gracious contest sponsors.


Note that we will ONLY accept entries completed through this Google Form. You can use the downloadable cheat sheets to help make your picks but we will only calculate picks through this Google Form. We cannot accept ballots or entries in any other way.

Only one entry per person. Sign-ups will continue until Day 1 of the tournament (September 19). If you’re trying to slip an entry in days into the tournament, don’t bother. We lock our standings/scoring spreadsheet so you’re only wasting your time.


You will receive 1 point if you pick the correct match-up winner OR if you pick a draw correctly.

  • 5 points for G1 Climax 30 Winner
  • 3 points for G1 Climax 30 Runner-up
  • 3 points for G1 Climax 30 A Block and B Block Winners
  • 2 points for G1 Climax 30 A Block and B Block Runner-up


Note: International (non-US) prize winners may be responsible for additional postage/shipping costs.

First Place

A prize pack from Total Debacle Shirt Co including a Great Muta G1 Climax shirt, IWGP Title pin, Jushin Thunder Liger Kitty pin, Hiroshi Tanahashi pin and assorted NJPW stickers.

Total Debacle Shirt Co makes shirts, pins, and pretty much everything else. Based in Southern California and started in October 2019. So far has made merch for Great Sasuke, Yoshi Tatsu, Simon Gotch and Curry Man with more to come. Visit them today at totaldebacle.com and use promo code “g12020” for 15% off your entire order.

You will also win:

A free puro-influenced shirt from The Merch Stand (themerchstand.co.uk)

Support The Merch Stand (twitter.com/gaijinworldwide) & Wrestle Carnival (twitter.com/wrestlecarnival)

Second Place

A Super No Vacancy Merch grab bag that will include a program from Wrestle Kingdom 14.

Super No Vacancy Merch sells puro-focused shirts, patches and ticketstubs. Visit them today at supernovacancymerch.com

Third Place

Inspire Pro Wrestling Blu-Ray Package featuring “The Best Of ACH”, “The Best Of Athena”, The Best Of Ricky Starks”, “The Best Of Steve O Reno” and a never before released mystery Blu-Ray.

Inspire A.D. is a wrestling organization established in 2013 and based out of Austin, Texas. One of the premier promotions in the Lone Star State, Inspire has been home to many of the best in the sport during its 7-year history. Texas has become a hotbed for the future stars of tomorrow, and Inspire A.D. prides itself on fostering their talents in an attempt to put them and the state of Texas on the map.

Audio Reviews/G1 Coverage

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Standings & Scores

View updated standings & scores below or visit https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dR5AalCX3OHeF-oU-FRH66eB30EzsVYwokYQ04iWF3U/edit?usp=sharing