All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

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Re: All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

Post by mlev76 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:16 pm

So, with the TNT debut less than two weeks away, there are two big questions I have:

1) What is the expectation on the part of TNT and AEW itself in terms of viewership?
2) Based on how they're marketing the show, will they reach that goal?

There's really no information out there that I have seen as to what the company or network expect. I believe someone said the B/R Live shows were doing in the neighborhood of about 400K views. The Youtube shows and PPVs are drawing about 100k. With the advertising they've done and the hype around it, I'd imagine somewhere in the 500-600k range would be considered a good start.

In terms of question 2, I don't know how to judge the marketing approach because how TNT has marketed and how the company itself is hyping it seems to be in opposite ways. TNT, by buying ad time during WWE shows, in movie theaters, etc. is clearly seeking a mass market appeal. The company, by contrast and judged solely by the Youtube content, is aiming at their hardcore fans. The Omega stuff today and other media done by him and the Bucks seems to be purposefully trying to antagonize anyone who isn't ride or die with them or at the very least those who aren't reflexively anti-WWE. Targeting the third tier brand, even if they are running as competition, rather than the main roster seems shortsighted.

I guess we'll see

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Re: All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

Post by BoxingRobes » Thu Oct 03, 2019 2:33 am

graps are good right now, brothers. this is good.

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Re: All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

Post by Frank Olson » Thu Oct 03, 2019 3:29 am

First episode of Dynamite was pretty strong. The presentation was really good for the most part. The huge filled arena looked great, and I like the colorful lighting scheme they used. Commentary was okay, although I still think that having three people at the table, especially when all of them are essentially filling the play by play role, is too much. But JR wasn't embarrassing at least, so that's good. I also think they overdid the thing where people get attacked while being interviewed. That happened like three or four different times on this one two-hour show and it quickly lost its impact. I also thought that the Jay and Silent Bob stuff was a little cringey, but I appreciated that the entire rest of the show was focused on stuff happening in the ring.

None of the matches were completely blow away, but almost everything was solid and very good by TV wrestling standards. Cody and Sammy meshed better than I expected, and the finish of the wily veteran surprising the young high flyer with a flash cradle was very well done.

Cutler/MJF was going along fine until Cutler got wobbly legged and fell off the turnbuckle. Shit happens, but that moment felt like it confirmed MJF's promo about Cutler being a dork.

Page/Pac was good but was the one match that the older commentators dragged down with their constant harping about Hangman not being aggressive enough. It's already going to be an uphill battle trying to get that guy over as a top babyface, but it doesn't help to have the commentators making it sound like he's not a smart wrestler.

I thought the Women's Title match was the best thing on the show. They played the big monster/scrappy underdog dynamic really well, and also did a great job calling back to some spots from their Fyter Fest match. I didn't really understand why Rose went for the chairs during a part of the match that she was dominating with her bare hands, but otherwise I have no complaints about the match itself. I did find the result a little odd though. It seems like establishing Rose as an unbeatable monster champion would make her eventual title loss mean more than it seems like someone beating Riho will. Not to say that I have any problem with Riho - I think she's had a strong run in the company so far - but she's got the type of charisma where I think she'd be better off chasing a title than holding one. And while I'm sure that Rose wants to get over on her own merit and charisma, which I think she has the skills to do, rather than her sexual identity, you would think that the company would want the publicity that would come with making their first champion a trans woman.

The main event was a little weird in that it wound up being more of an angle than a match. The Moxley run-in could have been handled better if the ref had been distracted by something, and it just seemed really weird that that didn't somehow lead to a disqualification. The brainbuster through the glass table looked cool, though. The ragtag Jericho heel stable is pretty weird, with Santana & Ortiz seeming particularly out of place, but I am intrigued to see where that's all going.

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Re: All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

Post by BlizzardAcolyte » Fri Oct 04, 2019 5:21 pm

Frank Olson wrote:
Thu Oct 03, 2019 3:29 am
The ragtag Jericho heel stable is pretty weird, with Santana & Ortiz seeming particularly out of place, but I am intrigued to see where that's all going.
I would think of it as another tiny bit of inside baseball: from reading his books, I get the sense that Jericho takes particular pride in having wrestled all over the world and encountered/worked so many different styles, and this group is a manifestation of that mishmash of styles, and how Jericho thinks he's "mastered" them all. If anyone can bring together an aging lucha/Southern brawler hybrid, two U.S. indy spot monkeys (including one who is straight-up nicknamed "The Funky Monkey"), and a power wrestler with some amateur(?)'s probably someone who, at different points in his career, has gotten to wrestle all of those styles repeatedly, and who in storyline, would think he's Da Sheet at all of them.

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Re: All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

Post by suplexberry » Sat Oct 05, 2019 5:57 am

Really liked the first episode. Also liked the fact that I could buy it on Fite, stream it on my phone and the price didn't break the bank. A couple of euros for four episodes per month. Back in the olden day when I watched WWE I had to go looking for it on sketchy torrent and streaming sites. I think the ease of use and relatively low price point is going to give them a fair international audience.

I loved Page vs PAC. The commercial break that was shown on Fite had PAC pacing the ring, annoying the crowd further. Absolutely stellar stuff.

Cody feels like a completely different person in this promotion, it's pretty amazing. He was the right pick to open the show.

The last match was more of an angle but I was into it.

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Re: All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

Post by cbacon87 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:15 pm

My main takeaway from watching the show is that the production REALLY overuses the cutaways to "shocked Undertaker streak fan" reactions. I get that WWE do it too, so it's not an AEW invention, but the last few minutes of Riho/Nyla in particular was to the point where they cut to at least one and often two different fans after every big move and kickout. The production as a whole didn't exactly wow me (and this idea that being in a big arena is suddenly a key selling point to fans who've chosen smaller companies over WWE for years is interesting), but that in particular I found quite off-putting.

The other interesting thing was, they cut MJF/Cutler from the ITV airing, as well as the segment with Angelico and Evans, yet showed the matches with US commercials and the Cody/Jericho segment uncut.

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Re: All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

Post by Frank Olson » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:11 am

The thing that impressed me most about last night's episode of Dynamite was just how incredibly over Private Party were by the end of that tag team tournament match. These are guys who were basically unknowns even on an indie level until a few months ago, and here they were getting cheered against the most popular tag team in the United States, and they felt like legit stars when they were celebrating with the fans in the crowd after their win. It was a tremendous match too, really expertly laid out, exciting and unpredictable.

I thought the stuff involving the Inner Circle came off well. I like BlizzardAcoylte's justification for the ragtag nature of the stable, but I still think that Santana and Ortiz feel out of place in this context. Jericho and Sammy radiate “douchebag,” and I think that you can make Jake Hager as the muscle guy/enforcer work with that, but Santana and Ortiz have more of a “street thug” aura that I'm not sure makes sense with the rest of the group. I actually think that Jack Evans and Angelico would've fit in better as the stable's tag team even if they are a lesser team (both in terms of match quality and in their position in the booking).

It seems like I liked the Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc match better than most people. Havoc gets a lot of shit, but he actually seems like a reasonably solid worker to me. I thought the stuff where he was working over Allin's hand and fingers was unique and interesting. Granted, the guy does have a very minor league look, but I've been surprised by how much I've enjoyed his AEW matches considering his reputation. (I'd seen him a few times other places, but never Progress which is supposedly the only place where he's been good). Darby Allin is amazing and I'm really looking forward to his title shot next week. The thing at the end of the show where he rode down the ramp on his skateboard and attacked the Inner Circle was really awesome.

Overall Dynamite has just been an incredibly fun TV show so far. There are little things here and there that you can nitpick, but I really look forward to watching the show and when it's on it has my full attention for all 2 hours.

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Re: All Elite Wrestling (Discussion)

Post by dancecab » Thu Oct 24, 2019 7:14 pm

4 TV Episodes and 4 other shows in and I have to say AEW has really sold me. For the longest time New Japan has been my personal favorite promotion but I find myself right now WAY more excited about each individual show then I have been in New Japan. I've just been so impressed by how quickly guys like Darby Allin and Private Party have gone over. It could easily be cause we are still in the honeymoon phase of the promotion but I genuinely find myself excited and anticipating every show. Obviously there will be come down at some point but for the time being I'm completely behind the promotion. It probabbly doesn't help that I feel other then the Birds of Prey and Suzuki/Liger stuff, New Japan has been in it's typical fall malaise.

Now don't get me wrong, it's def not completely perfect show with no flaws. The draw worried me a bit last night because I thought the crowd was aiming to crap on it, but it wasn't as negatively received as I thought. Not hugely in love with the way the Darby match ended, athough I understand from a story telling stand point. As long as all these things are used sparringly though it should be fine. Regardless I don't think I've talked up a promotion to non wrestling fans or lapsed fans as much as I have AEW.

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