Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton vs. Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey (NWA Houston 08/31/1984)

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Re: Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton vs. Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey (NWA Houston 08/31/1984)

Post by Rah » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:41 pm

You think you know all about the Midnight Express/Fantastic classics? Boy have you not seen anything yet...

The only way to see this is by dropping $9 on the NWA Classics stream. The match is worth the price of admission alone and, perhaps, rivals Fiera/Casas as the greatest match never before seen since it happened.

This is the non-title match that sets up into their No-DQ affair. Magic doesn't strike twice, so I'm glad we finally got the match where it did. While the No-DQ match was a wild brawl, that meandered into a complacent pace, this offered the wild-style tag affair that these two teams could masterfully craft. Everything they do is simple yet it's the manner in which they deliver these spots that works so, so well. As a testament to their abilities, if you told me one of the loudest reactions I've ever heard would be to a simple dropkick, I'd call you crazy. But here it is. What helps most is that everyone is on top-form, and it just gels. There's no stall in the fluidity and everyone from the wrestlers to the referee and Cornette pitch in at exactly the right moments. Not even the referee being "out of position" to notice the interference feels tacky, as it often does.

I'd have to pay a sin tax on the excessive use of superlatives if I was to adequately praise this. Perfect may be a bit of a stretch but it's a stretch I have no qualm with someone making. If this isn't top 20, I've been watching wrestling wrong the past few years.

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