BritWres Roundtable (Episode 3): RPWxNJPW Previews

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BritWres Roundtable (Episode 3): RPWxNJPW Previews

Post by Robareid » Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:39 pm

Oli, Rob and a returning Arn are back with a third episode just in time to preview what is possibly the biggest weekend in this year’s British Wrestling calendars. The main topic is the RevPro-New Japan joint show weekender, and all three guys get very excited at the prospect of seeing New Japan’s big four in singles matches live, a potential British Heavyweight title change and in general what should be one hell of a weekend of wrestling. The events of BOLA are also touched upon, but fear not spoilers are avoided.

Now with timestamps:

0:00:00 - 0:00:26 Disclaimer
0:00:26 - 0:04:00 Intro
0:04:00 - 0:06:42 BOLA talk (Spoiler free)
0:06:42 - 0:15:28 RevPro TV #24
0:15:28 - 0:27:04 RevPro TV #25
0:27:04 - 0:38:23 RevPro TV #26
0:38:23 - 0:51:46 Uprising Preview Part 1
0:51:46 - 0:53:47 Kris Travis Retirement
0:53:47 - 1:10:32 Uprising Preview Part 2
1:10:32 - 1:20:08 Global Wars UK Preview Part 1
1:20:08 - 1:23:25 Liger Love Session
1:23:25 - 1:40:21 Global Wars UK Preview Part 2
1:40:21 - 1:44:25 Cancelled Super Clash 3
1:44:25 - 1:51:55 British Young Lions
1:51:55 - 1:54:23 Final Thoughts
1:54:23 - 1:58:04 Post Drop Wrap-Up and Outro

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Re: BritWres Roundtable (Episode 3): RPWxNJPW Previews

Post by Alan4L » Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:05 pm

Really good show lads. This has really jumped up to being one of my fave podcasts.

Oli, have to correct ya bud - Rob was right, Jay White was discovered by Devitt. He was living in and wrestling in the UK and Fergal saw him on some shows and got New Japan to give him a shot.

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Re: BritWres Roundtable (Episode 3): RPWxNJPW Previews

Post by Oli Court » Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:14 pm

Thanks for the correction Alan; never knew Jay was in the UK, that's a cool story. I'm getting confused with other Fale scouting stories, the latest one from Enuhito being that he's scouting the Japanese Rugby team...

And of course, a big thanks for the support. I think you'll really like the RPWxNJPW review show that we recorded part of tonight...

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