Meet the Press Slam Info and Looking for Guests

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Meet the Press Slam Info and Looking for Guests

Post by dkookypunk43 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:40 pm

Hey guys,
A while back I had an idea I posted about on here for a podcast called Meet the Press Slam. I initially recorded a pilot episode that got lost in December with Johnny Sorrow and Chris Harrington with the topic of WWE'S expansion and if it was a monopoly. After sitting on the idea and tinkering with format and what not I'm relaunching this idea with more promotion and buzz on my end with ideas of how I want this show to be.

Ideally I would like it to be a biweekly show touching on timely and historical issues that have had the wrestling industry talking. I would want people on both sides of said topic and debate the facets of the topic in depth. I will serve as a moderator and have 2-3 guests per show.

Topic ideas:
WWE'S current business model vs past business model
WWE Locker Room Culture
Are part time wrestlers a good thing?
Should elements of shoot be involved in wrestling?
WWE Creative then vs now
What will it take for another wrestling company to take on WWE?
And more.

I invite you all to like the Facebook page and I'll be making a show centric twitter as well

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Listen to Meet The Press Slam coming soon

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