Favorite Year Of Wrestling For Different Promotions

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Buzz Sawyer
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Favorite Year Of Wrestling For Different Promotions

Post by Buzz Sawyer » Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:07 pm

My was for the following:

GCW: 1982
JCP: 1986
Mid-South: 1982
WCCW: 1983
WWF: 1985
WWWF: 1978
AJPW: 1990
AWA: 1982
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Joe Lanza
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Re: Favorite Year Of Wrestling For Different Promotions

Post by Joe Lanza » Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:15 pm

JCP I'd go with either 86 or 87. I rewatched 89 recently and I should have left the memories alone.

WCCW I think you nailed it. The year after the big angle, everything was fresh, exciting, and hot.

WWF I have a soft spot for 1987 for some reason. That feels like when everything peaked for me. I like 84-86 for being awkward transitional years with the odd mix of Vince Sr holdovers, VKM guys, and throwing territory stars against the wall to see who stuck.

AJPW I thought about a lot and I find impossible to narrow down.

ECW would be 95 or 96 for being the breakout years and for sentimental reasons, but the wrestling was much better later during the purple logo years. The problem is that each year after 1996 the promotion lost it's charm little by little. The PPV for me signified a clear change of era.

ROH was 2006, no question.

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Re: Favorite Year Of Wrestling For Different Promotions

Post by mlev76 » Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:05 pm

JCP-For calendar year, 1986 for sure. Birth of the Horsemen, Magnum/Nikita, RNR vs. Midnights, Flair versus pretty much everyone. If you could choose a 12 month period, I'd take Bash' '86 through Bash '87 as the original Wargames series was awesome.

WWF-I have two: as Joe mentioned above, 87 was a tremendous year between Mania, the first Survivor Series, a great tag division, a very good IC division and even the Jumping Bomb Angels at the end.

I also think 2013, in terms of modern years, was phenomenal. I know some don't love Mania 29, but I liked it a lot. Summerslam was great and this was the year of peak Shield and peak Bryan. Punk was still putting out great matches till the fall, the Wyatts debuted, etc.

Using the 12 month gimmick, I'd go with day after Mania 2000 through Mania X-7.

ROH-2007 was the year I really got into the product, went to my first show and also when the first PPVs aired. It was a transition period with people leaving for good (Joe, Homicide) others temporarily leaving and coming back (Aries, Danielson) and some new faces (Morishima, Steenerico). Briscoes also had one of the best years this year.

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Re: Favorite Year Of Wrestling For Different Promotions

Post by AlkalineKrogan » Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:29 am

Ring of Honor in 2006.

The ROH vs. CZW feud, so very well booked to the point that it gave people like BJ Whitmer and Adam Pearce a distint and interesting role. The glorious reign of Danielson, with great matches and an amusing character development. The rise of Homicide and Nigel. The influx of NOAH talent, with the amazing performances of KENTA and Marufuji at Glory By Honor. The story arc of Colt Cabana, quickly beaten after the Homicide blood feud, working his ass off from opening matches and culminating with a World Title draw. An enhanced tag division with the return of Briscoes and the intro of Kings of Wrestling. New talents getting more exposure such as Richards, Sydal, Delirious (the level of heat that his title match got was incredibile). The evolution of Jimmy Jacobs from high school level boy in love to the full fleged sick evil bloodthirsty bastard that he would become from the next year onwards.

There's a lot of stuff that I may even forget, definitely that made me as a wrestling fan rather than simply a WWE fan.

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Re: Favorite Year Of Wrestling For Different Promotions

Post by sternness » Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:54 am

For me it'd probably be something like this:

WWF: 2001 - With ECW and WCW gone I was basically forced to go back to the Fed (10-year-old me didn't know how to find Japanese tapes) and I know the Invasion angle sucked but this particular year was so damn reliable and consistent when it came to ****+ matches that I really can't put 2002 over it as my favorite, though that's certainly a close second.

WCW: 1992 - When I started tape trading I accidentally got an episode of Saturday Night from 1992 and despite the fact that at the time the show on the tape happened I was barely a year old, I was fucking hooked. Vader is, for at least half of the year, booked exactly how he should have been. The Sting/Cactus feud was fun, Sting/Jake Roberts was fun until the match actually happened, the Steiners/MVC series was excellent and it probably seems like an insignificant reason to love this year in particular but Jesse Ventura on commentary with JR and Tony is just fucking phenomenal. SuperBrawl II is an incredble show as well. I have fond memories of 96 WCW so it'd probably be my second place pick.

ECW: 1998 - I damn near put 2000 on here just for sentimental reasons (I wasn't able to watch ECW until it was on TNN) but I think 1998 is an overall better product plus Heatwave 1998 is one of my favorite shows ever and probably the best show the company ever presented. I love the Taz/Bigelow feud (particularly the Heatwave match), Van Dam really started to put things together in terms of his character the deeper you get into the year and I think Hardcore TV is really fun throughout the year. 1996 and 1997 are honorable mentions.

ROH: 2006 - When I ordered ROH DVDs from the site, I'd wait like three days from when I ordered (about as long as it'd take to get from Bristol to my house) and I'd stalk the mail box all day until the mailman dropped off my DVDs. That's the extent to which I was hooked on ROH in that particular year. I loved the build to KENTA vs. Danielson for the title, Homicide vs. Cabana was an awesome feud, the Jacobs/Whitmer stuff was insane and Danielson's year as a whole is really one of the all time greats.

All Japan: 1998 - I am probably a bigger fan of this era of All Japan than most, but I really like how everything plays out in 1998 All Japan. Akiyama cuts loose and gets several huge matches and looks like a guy who's on the verge of being a superstar, Kawada finally beats Misawa for the TC, Kobashi had three all time classics for the title (title win over Kawada and defenses vs. Akiyama and Misawa), All Japan finally returned to the Dome, Vader debuted and went on a tear in the Tag League, Gary Albright pinned Kobashi in a six man at Korakuen Hall. It's probably not as good as 1990 or 1993, and I love both of those years, but late 90s All Japan has this weird charm to me that I can't really explain.

UWFi: 1994 - In my opinion, the most consistently entertaining promotion of all time was UWFi and this was arguably their best year. The second Vader/Takada match was by far their best, the World Title tournament ruled, the October shows with the Vader/Albright lead in tags were excellent and the 11/30/94 show is probably my favorite show from the company as a whole. 1993 was excellent as well but I think 1994 is a slight step above.

New Japan: 1996 - Despite how much I think they bungled the UWFi feud (Takada should not have lost to Muto--especially via figure four), it was really great. Hashimoto/Takada at the Dome is one of my all time favorite matches and it was the main event of one of my all time favorite shows (Battle Formation). Plus, 1/4/96 has that sweet Vader/Inoki match and the Skydiving J and J Crown Tournament shows happened in 1996. I can't really think of a year of this particular company that I enjoy more except maybe 2004 or 2012.

NOAH: 2006 - I really jumped in the deep end with NOAH in second half of 2004 but I love this year to no end. Akiyama's GHC Title reign was more 'fun' than 'good' but I enjoyed it a lot, the 3/5/06 show with the new vs. old singles matches was awesome, Takayama's return show was fantastic, Marufuji/Akiyama is a sentimental favorite match for me since I was a huge Marufuji fan in 2006, plus the KENTA/Marufuji GHC Heavyweight Title match is one of the best GHC Title matches ever and even though I hate the booking behind it (I certainly understand it though) I have a soft spot for that Misawa/Marufuji title change. In terms of other favorites, 2004 and 2007 are up there for me too.

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Re: Favorite Year Of Wrestling For Different Promotions

Post by lillylang » Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:33 pm

WWF 84-93
WCW 94-99
WWE 00-06
TNA 06-12
NJPW 12-Current

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