Most Outstanding

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by cheapshot » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:27 pm

Timothy Thatcher
Matt Riddle

WALTER has had such a fantastic year, Ringkampf in general are on a different level than 99% of teams in the world at the moment.

I suspect Okada will win this, he's not connected with me likes others have though, even though he was in the greatest match I have ever seen.

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by armsofsleep » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:32 pm

cheapshot wrote: I suspect Okada will win this, he's not connected with me likes others have though, even though he was in the greatest match I have ever seen.
I'm glad that everyone has agreed that Okada put on one of the greatest matches ever this year. Against Shibata of course.

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by itsberlo » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:59 pm

1. Okada
2. Omega
3. Ishii
4. Ospreay

Just missed: Riddle, Naito, Dunne, KUSHIDA and Sabre Jr. If not for a weaker second half of the year I would have had Hiromu high.

Call me a NJPW homer but damn what a year for NJPW.

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by brianjackson » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:21 pm

Seeing as he has, in my view, four ***** matches this year, it's hard for me to look past Kazuchika Okada as #1, but that isn't very interesting so I thought I'd bring up several names I feel deserve to be in the discussion - if not for #1 then for second or third place votes.

Tomohiro Ishii - The man has delivered in every big time singles match. The three Naito matches, the three Omega matches, Shibata in New Japan Cup, Tanahashi, Ibushi, Nagata, Sabre, and Goto in G1... Ishii is an absolute phenom. Add to this the England match with Riddle and an excellent IWGP Tag title match with Yano against TenKoji and Ishii may very well have the most ****+ matches of anyone this year.

Will Ospreay - This has, in my view, been Ospreay's best year so far. His matches against Ricochet and KUSHIDA in BOSJ, Jay White in ROH, and Robbie Eagles in Australia exemplify his success in a multitude of different environments and against different opponents. Lost in the shuffle of great New Japan matches this year are his match against Shibata in February, his BOSJ bouts with Scurll, Dragon Lee, and Hiromu, and the recent KOPW match with KUSHIDA as well. Add to this his three excellent matches in successive nights for What Culture against Rey Mysterio, Mike Bailey, and KUSHIDA again, and Ospreay could very well be a dark horse candidate here.

Kento Miyahara - Just an outstanding babyface, whether champion or challenger. His matches this year against The Bodyguard, KAI, Shuji Ishikawa, and most recently Suwama are up there with some of the best of the year in my opinion, and where Miyahara may edge out someone like Okada or Omega is in his consistent greatness and hard work in tag matches across All Japan tour stops. Throw on one of the highlight videos of spot shows All Japan posts on their Youtube channel and almost without failure you'll get 3-5 minutes of Kento tearing it up in the main event. He may have the highest percentage of ***1/2+ matches out of anyone in the world this year.

Konosuke Takeshita - This will be a hard one for people who don't have DDT Universe, but Takeshita, like Miyahara, is impressive not only in his big match performances but in his extraordinary consistency. The big Saitama and Sumo Hall matches he's had this year are must-see, but you can pretty much watch any Takeshita match from 2017 and understand why he's been earmarked for greatness so early. If not 2017, the next few years could see Takeshita really break out as someone in serious contention for this award, but the big thing holding him back is of course the low number of eyes on DDT.

Trevor Lee - While I haven't been blown away by his PWG matches this year, Trevor Lee's reign as CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion has been excellent in the ring - his matches with Brad Attitude, Arik Royal, Michael Elgin, Alex Daniels, and particularly the Chip Day match from April are all worth seeking out and I see Trevor Lee being a feasible choice for #2 or #3, although it would be hard to justify placing him above Okada or Naito.

Yuji Nagata - I am strongly considering voting Yuji Nagata for #3, and maybe even #2 if the urge is too great to resist come voting season. This year, Nagata has had fantastic matches whenever given the opportunity, and managed to be arguably the MVP of the entire G1 Climax in a year in which the participants were perhaps the best in history and the match quality was astonishingly high. All Nagata's G1 matches were very good, and most were nothing short of wonderful - against YOSHI-HASHI, Hirooki Goto, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tomohiro Ishii, Kota Ibushi, Zack Sabre Jr., and even Bad Luck Fale, Nagata shone and really brought the best out of each opponent he faced. Personally, this string of G1 matches alone will go down as one of the great G1 runs of all time, and when you also consider the New Japan Cup match against EVIL, the Lions Gate main event against GO Asakawa, and most impressively, TWO tremendously entertaining matches against MANABU NAKANISHI (remember - the December Korakuen match falls within the voting period), this has to be one of the best years of Nagata's career, and I've talked myself into voting him #2 or 3 off the back of it. What a wrestler!

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by Larrikn » Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:23 pm

because im lazy im just going to post a list.
Pete Dunne, Will Ospreay, KUSHIDA, Kenny Omega and Tomohiro Ishii.
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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by wingedeagle » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:20 pm

Okada is very much a runaway for #1 on my ballot.

Omega feels like a lock at #2. All year long I've been talking myself into other names at that spot, primarily because of the many outings where I thought he simply treated matches as a joke or brought down matches that should've been great by resorting to his excess. But if I'm being objective its pretty difficult to overlook the sheer volume -- the Okada series, the Ishii series, Elgin (loved the US outing, not so much the G1), both Juice matches and the Lethal match. Not quite sure I can make a case for someone else delivering at that level with similar frequency.

Other possibilities:

Io Shirai -- very much locked in at #2 for me until her brief departure from Stardom mid-year. Her first 6+ months of the year were phenomenal, delivering a number of different, but consistently excellent, matches with a greater ranger of opponents than anyone else on my list. She's been very good since returning to Stardom, but between being used primarily in tags and the nature of the 5* GP, she hasn't been in a position to reach the same level. Still a distinct possibility for #3.

Walter -- The Riddle series, 16 Carat matches and his work across WXW and Progress almost assuredly lock him in as top 5, but we're only voting 3 here.

AJ Styles -- Very much an outside possibility. Simply hasn't been put in position for much since the early part of the year, but has put forth a few of my favorite individual performances trying to make his opponents and matches stand out on many a night, so I'd be remiss to leave him out.

Tetsuya Naito -- Didn't strongly consider him, but when looking over my list of great matches for the year it is hard to ignore Naito. The Tanahashi trilogy certainly stands out, but beyond that there's the Ishii series along with G1 outings with Ibushi & Omega, the Juice title match, and Elgin from February, which may be the best of them all. Not too shabby a run.

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by IIDXias » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:41 pm

my 3 picks right now:

Naito- #1 with a bullet on my ballot. he's got 2 out of my top 3 matches (vs. Elgin at NB & vs. Ibushi in the G1 opener), plus 2 more in the top 10 (vs. Tanahashi & Omega in the G1). i loved all three matches with Tanahashi and think that's the feud of the year easily, since i'm not as high on Okada-Omega as most people. on top of those matches, he also had three more very good matches with Ishii and a good IC title defense against Juice. i'm much more of a "who has had a lot of the absolute best matches" than a "who has had the MOST really good matches" type of voter, and when someone's had 2 of the 3 best maches and 4 of the 10 best matches of the year (in my opinion obviously), he's the easy winner. the one criticism I keep hearing from people is that he had a "disappointing G1", which I don't agree with at all given that his G1 included the three best matches of the entire competition (his Ibushi, Tana, & Omega matches), but I get where that perspective comes from given that all his best matches occured at the start and end of it. he did go through a bit of a doldrums there, and if he had another blowaway match or two during the middle of it I'm sure people would be talking him up more for this award than they are right now.

Takeshita- literally has been good in almost everything i've seen him in this year, whether it's main eventing both of DDT's biggest shows of the year and putting on excellent (and very different) performances in both, or it's selling his ass off for Big Boss MA-G-MA & Black Buffalo on a small Osaka show in front of 900 fans. he's the best traditional babyface "ace" in wrestling from an in-ring perspective, by a large margin imo (too bad he's a bit boring outside of the ring, though).

Miyahara- this is a down year for him compared to last year, but a down year for him is still excellent. really liked both Ishikawa matches, the Suwama match, and the Bodyguard match, even though as of now I've only got the Bodyguard match in my top 10. I think he's just barely hanging on to this spot with obviously not a lot of time left in the year to add something, and I want to include him, but there's a few other guys that are close for me that I'm gonna have to debate with.

guys I'm debating:

Ibushi- i really, really want to talk myself into voting for him here, maybe as high as second. i said above i'm not a volume voter, and literally every time he was in a match it was outstanding. is it fair to include him though when he was a part-timer? that's what i'm really fighting with here. i really want to do it though, because he had an amazing G1 (including my #2 MOTY), the supremely underrated Tiger Mask W match with Okada (my 2nd-favorite Okada match of the year, actually....), and now a ****1/2 war with Tanahashi for the IC Title at Power Struggle. i don't know if that's enough for me to pull the trigger but goddamn, he was fantastic all year long.

Hiromu- if he hadn't dropped the title this is probably an easy #3 vote, but he probably didn't do enough in the 2nd half of the year to warrant inclusion. still, that first half of the year really was outstanding! just not as impressive as what Ibushi did in his part-time role, and then the 2nd half of the year he may as well have been sitting on the beach with him for.

Tanahashi- the 40-year-old dude had such a great year this year, better than some years where he received far more support than he will this year! he had the aforementioned Naito series, which was my favorite series of matches of the year, plus the Ibushi matches, plus some other really fun G1 matches (the Nagata one stands out for one), plus the EVIL feud that was good stuff. really his one disappointment of the year was that ZSJ IC title match at Destruction, so that's not a bad record at all for a guy everyone was ready to write off last year. he might actually have the stronger case than Ibushi and I really could see me talking myself into him at #3 over Miyahara by the time this is over.

guys I'm not considering but will definitely win:

Okada/Omega: i know they're gonna probably finish 1-2, but if you think that series was just very good instead of THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME (i think i had matches 1 & 2 at ****1/2, and match 3 at **** flat despite being there live), their arguments both kind of become unimpressive compared to the other guys I've mentioned. Okada had my MOTY with Shibata in April, a staggering achievement of a match (with an obviously tragic aftermath), but after that he really falls off. Tiger Mask W match was really good but not top 10 MOTY list level, the Suzuki match was nothing short of a disaster, the Cody match was a **1/4 special (Cody sucks, to be fair, so fine we'll give him a pass on that one), his G1 was mostly really boring with only the Elgin match really standing out for me, and the EVIL title match was another disaster. not a Most Outstanding-level year at all (he has a way better argument for Flair/Thesz though).

Omega had the Ishii matches which were all really good, a G1 that might have been even more boring than Okada's (that Omega-Suzuki match is maybe the worst match I've ever seen that got any significant praise from people, up there with the Nakamura-Joe Brooklyn match in that regard), a good Juice match (though not as good as Naito's...) and a very good match with Beretta. again, if you value those Omega-Okada matches below top 10 MOTY list level, he really has no case. but most people disagree with me on this, so one of these two will win. probably Omega.

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by elloziom » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:09 pm

So I counted all the 4*+ matches that I rated this year and as of right now my top 3 might end up being Ospreay, ZSJ & Elgin (I want to catch up with AAW, ROH, PWG, DG, AJPW and maybe some EVOLVE before the end of the year, I already gave up on watching Progress or wXw this year)and I loved almost all of those NJPW main events. As of right now it's:
1. Tomohiro Ishii and Ospreay with 15 4*+ matches
3. Okada/Naito/Omega tied at no.3 with 14 (although I don't think there is anything significant that could help their case)
6. ZSJ/Tanahashi - 12
8. Dragon Lee/Elgin/Evil/Kushida - 9
11. Yamamura/Doi - 8

I was absolutely surprised with how high certian guys are placed on my list, since there wasn't that much buzz surrounding them. I expect Miyahara, Dijak, Keith Lee & Riddle to bump a few places, but I don't think there are even close to being contenders now.

I really think that Big Mike doesn't get the appreciation he should get for this year. It's not like he's only been having those killer matches with Okada, Omega or Naito this year. Same goes with Ospreay. I really wanted this year to check out some awesome Dragon Lee matches from Mexico, because this guy was a serious contender for me up until G1 Climax, but outside of like 3 matches I really didn't hear about any of his good to great matches.

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by ShittyLittleBoots » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:26 pm

My top-10 at the moment is this:

1) Zack Sabre Jr.
2) Matt Riddle
3) Keith Lee
4) Timothy Thatcher
6) Ricochet
7) Juice Robinson
8) Trevor Lee
9) Will Ospreay
10) Tetsuya Naito

Definitely expecting Okada to win it w/ Omega in the 2nd place though.

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by Rich Kraetsch » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:56 pm

I'm having a tougher time with this as we wrap up the voting period. Seemed like a shoe-in to be one of Okada or Omega but they've slowed down as the year went on. It's probably not fair but I judge more of the back-half of the year (kinda human nature) as opposed to the first half. When it's all said and done, it's probably Okada that gets my vote but there are a way more contenders than I thought there would be.

My shortlist (in no order):

Zack Sabre Jr.
Tetsuya Naito
Kenny Omega
Kazuchika Okada
Pete Dunne

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Re: Most Outstanding

Post by IIDXias » Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:19 pm

i ended up deciding on a top 3 of Naito, Daisuke Sasaki, & Takeshita. Sasaki i know wasn't even in the lengthy write up i did earlier in the month but he's the guy who gained the most in rewatch for me. pretty much all of his Extreme title matches were fantastic, with the ultimate submission match against Dick Togo, the match with Akito at Peter Pan, and his last two defenses against HARASHIMA & Soma Takao really putting him over the top for me. outstanding year and i think well worth the 2nd place finish

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