Interview: Bruce Prichard on WWE Career, Something to Wrestle With, RAW 25

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Interview: Bruce Prichard on WWE Career, Something to Wrestle With, RAW 25

Post by fredtsc » Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:05 am

Hey, everybody! I had the chance to interview Bruce Prichard for an hour about a number of topics including random WWE trivia and Thanksgiving with The Undertaker.

Feel free to check it out, subsribe, and provide feedback. Pardon my voice if it sounds meh. Flu season sucks.

Thanks in advance!

Time codes:

00:33 Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard Live
01:18 Return to Raw 25 as Brother Love
03:14 Getting into podcasting, hosting with Conrad Thompson
06:24 Memorable WWE moments
08:18 Being mentored by Vince McMahon, Paul Boesch
09:31 Best lesson from Pat Patterson
11:25 Trusting instincts
12:50 Breaking into wrestling, transitioning to office
14:19 Dr. Tom Prichard
15:47 WWE NXT vs. old era of WWE developmental
17:55 Who did WWE miss the boat on?
20:34 JBL
22:08 John Cena, The Rock in Hollywood
23:19 Paige forced to retire due to neck injury
25:58 Women's Royal Rumble match
27:45 The Undertaker, Rumor and innuendo
32:07 The Undertaker's wackiest moments, Concrete crypt
33:25 Hulk Hogan's Mr. America gimmick
34:19 Bobby Lashley
34:46 Favorite 205 Live
35:40 Favorite Raw moments
37:30 Bullet Club's All In event: Can they fill 10K seats?
39:00 Breaking barriers in podcasting
43:30 Does Vince McMahon appreciate WWE fans?
45:39 MMA fighters using wrestling tactics to hype fights
46:06 Conrad impression
46:50 Paul Heyman
48:56 Becoming Brother Love
49:13 Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions
50:44 Who is WWE's next breakout star? (Was legit shocked by his second answer)
51:52 Life advice

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