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Looking for a new efed?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:08 pm
by ThePezofJericho
So you want to run a wrestler in an efed but let me guess. Every time you get started the fed folds and becomes inactive! Well let me help you ! I am inviting you to join TCW and/or RAGE! This is a community of wrestling feds that have been around since the 90’s! The 90’s! I have been in these feds for almost ten years and can tell you that it is easily the best fed I have ever been in.

Everyone is welcomed and we are looking for new members right now! Don’t worried if you're not the “greatest” at doing promos! Everyone here is here to have fun and that’s our number goal to have fun doing what we love! You only have to do a rp every two weeks but are free to do as many as you want. You can have a female or male wrestler or both. You can join one fed or both it’s up to you. If you are interested please email me (Matthew White) at [email protected] and Joel Potter at [email protected]! Please come and give us a try. I promise you , you’re going to have a great time! Thanks!

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