Lucha Talk: 2017 Beet & Worst of Lucha Awards

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Lucha Talk: 2017 Beet & Worst of Lucha Awards

Post by DylanZero » Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:18 pm

So we did a show breaking down the best and worst of 2017. Microman Fever brings up a very random exóticos feud, I talk about a bunch of IWRG guys, Fredo brings up UG getting his car smashed in and we have a lot to say about the usual suspects, Lucha Underground (which is noted as really turning around and being good by the end) & CMLL (with a bit of AAA proper thrown in there). If you're a big fan or someone who doesn't follow it's still probably worth a listen if you want to catch up on what happened in the year. Also we put together a playlist on YouTube that's worth checking out of the best Lucha Libre matches (a couple by me but mostly by Micro so blame him) that's in the pod description if you wanna watch some stuff too. Check it out. (Also if you leave a nice review and rating for the show anywhere I'll be super psyched so please do)

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