PTBN Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever

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PTBN Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever

Post by soup23 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:40 pm


*You may only consider their WWF/WWE career; Do NOT factor in their work or resume in any other promotion
*WWE only means no OVW, Deep South or pre Network NXT/FCW as well. Any NXT on USA or after the launch of WWE Network IS permitted. You may not consider a wrestler’s developmental or territory background unless it was part of the televised era of NXT (USA, SyFy or WWE Network). shows (Velocity, Heat, NXT Redemption, etc.) do count as long as they featured competitors from the main roster.

*Non wrestlers ARE NOT eligible, managers that worked multiple matches within a calendar year such as Heenan and Mr. Fuji are eligible to be voted upon and you can factor in their promo work when it coincides or circles around a match they were in. For example, Bobby Heenan cutting a promo on Ultimate Warrior before a match he is in counts. Bobby Heenan cutting a promo on the behalf of Barbarian before a match Heenan is not in shouldn’t.

*You must use the NJPW system as a guide to help organize your list

*You may submit your Top 100 list using selections from the list of nominees

*Criteria: In WWF/E between 1963 and 2017 and the only the wrestling career counts, this includes tags and other roles while a main performer. For instance, Chyna being DX bodyguard would be allowed because she became an active wrestler around the same time. This does not include commentary for such candidates before or after their career like Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura, Gorilla Monsoon and Jerry Lawler.

*If a match or event was promoted by a McMahon under the auspices of WWWF/WWF it counts for this project.

*Time spent as a booker, trainer, coach or agent should NOT be factored in even if they were still an active wrestler.

*Do some research and put thought into your list

*At first glance, this is not a list of your FAVORITES, try to be objective and use the NJPW system, keep an open mind when researching


N: Nuance (Longevity, Flexibility, Intangibles)
J: Jump Up Factor (Memorable Peak Matches, Moments and Storylines)
P: Promo Skills & Character Work
W: Workrate

Ballot Link: ... g/viewform

Due Date: 12/31/17 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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