Cure for the Common Podcast: A WWF 1997 retrospective

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Cure for the Common Podcast: A WWF 1997 retrospective

Post by Stavros » Fri May 05, 2017 9:52 am

Actually put this up ages ago but got caught in a board purge so I figured I'd update, especially since the show has passed it's halfway point (just finished Canadian Stampede) and has recently come into a hot streak of very fun shows (at least to record, you're the judge on the other end).

From the podcasting family comes the full 1997 WWF review in the form of The Cure for the Common Podcast, from Shotgun to Wrestlemania we're covering every single minute of one of the most significant years in wrestling as well as the cultural and musical highlights of the week in question.

Presented by the transatlantic duo of myself Tom Hemmings (a Brit) of The Show (random segments) and the Canadian stylings of Animezing Podcast host Kellen Scrivens. If it sounds interesting to you please give it a listen, any updates will be confined to this topic if people are interested. Find us on iTunes and Facebook under The Cure for the Common Podcast, on or via the RSS feed. ... st/rss.xml is also the home to excellent and popular shows covering Doctor Who, Star Trek, Joss Whedon, bad movies, comic book movies, horror, anime, something called books and a host of other material.

Full Episode list so far-

Week 1 - In the first of a 52-part series, Kellen Scrivens and Tom Hemmings review Week 1 of 1997 in the WWF. This episode features the debut of Shotgun Saturday Night from New York's Mirage Nightclub, along with coverage of Superstars and Monday Night Raw.
.: 2:38:30 :: 76.2 MB :: 25 July 2014 :. ... ure_01.mp3

Week 2 - This week's episode of Shotgun may be one of the worst hours of wrestling ever televised. It includes a Todd Pettengill / Honky Tonk Man duet, and a fake sex tape that may out Sunny as a furry. (You can't make this stuff up.) Superstars and Raw fare better thanks to the first interview of the year from one of the greatest mic masters in the history of professional wrestling: the one and only Ahmed Johnson.
.: 1:48:57 :: 52.7 MB :: 21 August 2014 :. ... ure_02.mp3

Week 3 - The Cure for the Common Podcast makes its way to Texas for the 1997 Royal Rumble. Marvel at the neon cacti of Denim and Diamonds on Shotgun, be wowed by Stone Cold Steve Austin's amazing performance during the Royal Rumble match, and be shocked at just how quickly they set up February's In Your House PPV on Raw.
.: 3:17:20 :: 95.0 MB :: 05 September 2014 :. ... ure_03.mp3

Week 4 - Week 4 of the Cure sees the WWF simultaneously build to two big shows with In Your House: Final Four and the ridiculously titled Thursday Raw Thursday Live, both announced for Week 7. With these two shows ready to set the table for Wrestlemania 13, we see the World Title scene muddled with all six people in the title hunt featured in a mass interview on Raw. Shotgun emanates from the Webster Hall, featuring Bret Hart v Mankind. And it all coincides with that evening's Super Bowl Superstars and four teams compete for the first (and last) annual Superstars Bowl.
.: 1:22:36 :: 39.7 MB :: 03 October 2014 :. ... ure_04.mp3

Week 5 - As we role into Week 5, we see one of the members of the Final Four main event jerk the curtain on all three shows. Shotgun makes a long-awaited homecoming. Marc Mero tests his potential main event acumen against The Undertaker on Superstars. And Raw begins the two-hour format with a major show from Toronto's Skydome, featuring: two title matches, a potential Match of the Year, and a confrontation between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. On top of all that, Kellen gets an injury update wrong, which he will mea culpa in a later episode.
.: 1:56:34 :: 55.0 MB :: 22 November 2014 :. ... ure_05.mp3

Week 6 - Choosing to not cover the 1997 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Kellen and Tom are left with a short week, which features Shawn Michaels' hilarious fashion sense on Superstars, and the final live episode of Shotgun with the famous Escalator Tombstone.
.: 1:03:11 :: 30.3 MB :: 02 January 2015 :. ... ure_06.mp3

Week 7 - What may be the biggest week of the year sees a legend win the Intercontinental Title for the first time, Shawn Michaels losing his smile, a last second PPV card shakeup, multiple title changes, an overlooked classic PPV main event, and the start to the build to Wrestlemania. Join Kellen and Tom as they cover Thursday Raw Thursday Live!, In Your House: Final Four, and Monday Night Raw.
.: 3:09:45 :: 90.8 MB :: 05 March 2015 :. ... ure_07.mp3

Week 8 - "Your challenge has been accepted! ECW is in... the... hooooouuuse!" Yes that's right, it's a very special week for the show as the spotlight is shared between WWF Superstars and a notable local promotion with a diehard attitude and a rabid fanbase. We have Shotgun, Superstars, and a unique edition of Raw from the Manhattan Center in New York City.
.: 2:05:47 :: 60.5 MB :: 20 March 2015 :. ... ure_08.mp3

Week 9 - While Shotgun and Superstars continue their "one show, two names" phase, Monday Night Raw makes its way to Berlin, Germany with a fabulous main event between Owen Hart and The British Bulldog for the European Championship. Also: Sycho Sid v Mankind, Bret Hart v Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and an Ahmed Johnson promo.
.: 2:04:11 :: 59.7 MB :: 24 June 2015 :. ... ure_09.mp3

Week 10 - Wrestlemania is fast approaching, and we're starting to feel the heat. Ahmed reveals his tag partners, Austin cusses out Shamrock, Paul Heyman debates Jerry Lawler, and our main event features Bearers Buddies versus Undertaker and Sid; can they work together long enough to survive? All this on Shotgun Saturday Night, the final episode in our review of Superstars, and the long-awaited first appearance of Raw is War.
.: 1:53:51 :: 54.7 MB :: 02 July 2015 : ... ure_10.mp3

Week 11 - "Frustrated isn't the Goddamn word for it. This is Bullshit!" And just like that we realize that the Attitude Era may be closer than we think. On the final episode of A Cure for the Common Podcast before Wrestlemania, Shotgun retools once again with Brian Pillman on commentary and the highly hyped debut of Sunny Undercover, while on Raw we have our final build to Wrestlemania, including a steel cage match between Bret Hart and Sycho Sid. That is, if The Undertaker doesn't destroy the cage first.
.: 2:41:54 :: 76.1 MB :: 23 July 2015 :. ... ure_11.mp3

Week 12- Ooh, ooh, Wrestlemania! Yeah this is our life! It's finally here, the biggest week ever of this podcast. Weighing in at over four hours, this show has it all, from Owen Hart's unforgettable antics at The Slammys to the blood soaked canvas that launched the biggest draw in wrestling history. Plus japes, jokes, Shotgun, Superstars, Free for All, the post-Mania Raw, and plenty of Sid and Ahmed Johnson promos, what's not to love? Join us for the granddaddy of the all!
.: 4:20:43 :: 125.2 MB :: 01 November 2015 ... ure_12.mp3

Week 13- While Shotgun is the general weekend fare, Raw has plenty to write home about. Owen v Bulldog in a rematch for the European Title, Rocky Maivia v Bret Hart for the first (and only) time for the Intercontinental Title, Mankind and Undertaker take their feud up a notch, Stone Cold explains what a tweener is, Road Warrior Hawk ascends to Ahmed Johnson levels of microphone greatness, and Vince Russo inspires the creators of Battlefield Earth.
.: 1:42:26 :: 48.2 MB :: 06 December 2015 :. ... ure_13.mp3

Week 14- While Mankind puts in a contender for promo of the year and most dangerous spot of the year in a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels steals the show by taking his real hatred of Bret Hart in front of the camera. The change from Bret and Shawn not liking each other to hating each other is in Week 14 of A Cure for the Common Podcast.
.: 2:28:26 :: 69.2 MB :: 01 January 2016 :. ... ure_14.mp3

Week 15- Look at that photo. We can type in this space that Sunny Undercover was one of the most entertaining edition yet (for all the wrong reasons). We can tell you that Ahmed Johnson has one of the most "I'm out of my depth here" moments all year. We can tell you Raw was broadcast from three different countries. We can tell you that the WWF doesn't seem to realize Apartheid has ended, but all you really want to know is what the heck happened to Goldust. Click the link to find out.
.: 1:44:19 :: 48.8 MB :: 08 January 2016 :. ... ure_15.mp3

Week 16- This week we sink in to the supposed traditional post-Mania slump, but could Revenge of The Taker buck that trend and be a hot contender for best PPV so far? Austin v Bret comes to the boil, Undertaker and Mankind have a blistering encounter, and Tiger Ali Singh gets a tepid response. Also featuring a show that's a shell of its former self in Shotgun Saturday Night, and the Monday Night War comes under fire from a Loose Cannon. [ 3:08:57 || 90.8 MB ] ... ure_16.mp3

Week 17- Shotgun Saturday Night sees both one of the nastiest injuries in wrestling in a Legion of Doom / Godwinns match, but also a surprisingly good match pitting Crush, Savio Vega, and the debuting D'Lo Brown against the future ECW team of Aldo Montoya, Freddie Joe Floyd, and Steve Corino. From there Raw is War steps things up with Brian Pillman at his Loose Cannon best, Bret Hart cuts one of the best promos of his life, Owen Hart v Rocky Maivia for the Intercontinental Title, and Undertaker v British Bulldog.
.: 2:36:29 :: 70.2 MB :: 27 March 2016 :. ... ure_17.mp3

Bonus 01: WrestleMania 32 left a lot of wrestling fans shaking their heads and feeling like they needed to vent. Tom and Kellen were feeling that way themselves, and, joined by The Tranquil Tirades' Damien Wilkens, they pick apart this year's edition of the seven-hour Showcase of the Immortals.
.: 1:58:24 :: 55.1 MB :: 04 April 2016 :. ... nus_01.mp3

Week 18- They seek him here, they seek him there, The Harts they seek him everywhere. Is he under a truck, or a barrel lid? That damned elusive Heartbreak Kid! Also featuring Goldust coming out of a closet, a trap for Ahmed Johnson, and some strapping young jobbers all on Shotgun and Raw.
.: 2:11:31 :: 63.2 MB :: 25 May 2016 ... ure_18.mp3

Week 19- It's a big episode for week 19 as Kellen and Tom cover In Your House: A Cold Day in Hell, featuring Undertaker v Steve Austin for the WWF Title and Ken Shamrock damn near crippling Vader. Also, on Monday Night Raw we see the son of a WWF Hall of Famer as well as a future Hall of Famer make their debuts, the 1997 King of the Ring tournament kicks off, part two of the Goldust interview, Paul Bearer threatens to reveal Undertaker's secret, and the Legion of Doom squash to end all Legion of Doom squashes.
.: 3:41:37 :: 103.2 MB :: 01 June 2016 :. ... ure_19.mp3

Week 20- It's dark days for The Undertaker as his secret is threatened, Mankind's cloudy disposition intimidates interviewers on both Shotgun and Raw, lightning strikes for Bob Holly, Dakota Runnels brightens up the ring, and a chance of Sunny Days sets Bret and Shawn on a collision course.
.: 2:03:31 :: 59.4 MB :: 27 August 2016 :. ... ure_20.mp3

21: While Shotgun is paint-by-numbers, Raw is War provides one of the most captivating episodes of television of the year. Amazing storytelling, focus on great young wrestlers, one of the most shocking promos of the year, more of the epic History of Mankind, and the saga of the $71 inflatable chair. Top it all off with one of the best matches of the year as Owen Hart and The British Bulldog defend against the unlikely duo of Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin.
.: 2:35:05 :: 73.2 MB :: 04 October 2016 :. ... ure_21.mp3

22: With only a week to go until King of the Ring, it's time for the injury bug to get rid of half the card. Will the WWF be able to save the PPV? Meanwhile, in-ring this week we see the return of the missing Sycho Sid and a Wrestlemania rematch against The Undertaker in the main event, as well as Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels defending their tag team titles for the first time against The Legion of Doom.
.: 2:27:30 :: 69.0 MB :: 29 October 2016 :. ... ure_22.mp3

23: Kellen and Tom discuss the biggest match of the weekend, and it never aired on television or pay-per-view. After months of buildup, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels finally throw down backstage in the locker room, for real, before Raw goes live on air. Oh, and on the actual wrestling side of things, there's the King of the Ring, Steve Austin v Shawn Michaels, and The Nation of Domination implodes.
.: 4:34:42 :: 128.0 MB :: 16 November 2016 :. ... ure_23.mp3

24: It's time for a bigger, badder Nation to debut, but who is going to take the plunge and join? The tag tournament kicks off, but what kind of man might Austin pick to replace Shawn Michaels as his partner? Why does Savio insist he wasn't fired when we all saw it live on TV? And finally, the biggest unanswered question of all is revealed; the paternity test is in and Dr. Heyman is all set to reveal who Brian Christopher's father really is! It's mystery week here on Shotgun and Raw, and Kellen and Tom are all set to investigate.
.: 2:05:16 :: 60.2 MB :: 02 January 2017 :. ... ure_24.mp3

25: Ahmed Johnson explains why he joined The Nation and hypes up his PPV Title match. He then gets injured and has to relinquish it. Owen Hart, HHH, and Goldust square off (or would that be triangle off?) in the first ever televised Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship. The tag team tournament continues, and Sabu faces Flash Funk on Raw in Week 25 of A Cure for the Common Podcast.
.: 2:27:03 :: 68.9 MB :: 20 January 2017 :. ... ure_25.mp3

26: Manbeast v Mantaur: In the real main event this week we have The Clash of the Century as these natural rivals lock horns. On the undercard we have the equally illustrious debuts of both Michael Cole and the latest gang in the wars, Ahmed attempts to cut a promo under the influence of surgical medication, Undertaker goes full on Batman, Paul Bearer calls him a goddamned murderer, we have Pokemon references up to the eyeballs, and Kellen and Tom achieve a freaky psychic link. Trust me, this is a fun one.
.: 2:36:53 :: 75.4 MB :: 22 March 2017 :. ... ure_26.mp3

27: The WWF invades The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth with In Your House: Canadian Stampede from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Widely regarded as one of the greatest PPVs in history, there is no surprise that the show holds up from top to bottom in the eyes of Kellen and Tom. What may surprise many, however, is that one of the hosts posits that the legendary main even of The Hart Foundation v Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust, and The Legion of Doom may actually be the worst match on the show. All this, a terrible Truth Commission match on Shotgun, a follow-up Raw is War to start the build to SummerSlam, and much more in this jam-packed episode. [ 4:00:49 || 112.8 MB ] ... ure_27.mp3

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