#WasimCast Ep. 12 - Tanner & Sam & Dylan & Fray

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Re: #WasimCast Ep. 12 - Tanner & Sam & Dylan & Fray

Post by Tanner1495 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:25 pm

This episode was definitely a cluster, but it was a fun cluster, would definitely recommend listening to it and I have NO BIAS at all.

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Re: #WasimCast Ep. 12 - Tanner & Sam & Dylan & Fray

Post by AndyItwaru » Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:42 pm

Listening to the podcast, enjoying all the southerness. I think Okada's appeal is his character work, where he's like the apathetic entitled millenial babyface. Agree that I'd love to see more tama in njpw i think he takes sweet bumps. Im listing to you guys run down the g1 card and its like the bizarro world version of the voices of wrestling ep this week! I want Nick Gage vs Chris Christie dressed like eddie kingston in a lindsey graham on a pole match. The only problem is when it's time to go home Graham wont wanna get off the pole.

And thank you guys for burying those uproxx writers. Im worried there's this lefty pc junk that will seep into wrestling journalism and there's going to be more talk of people's feelings and character gender identity as opposed to drawing money and putting on a good product!

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