2000 in NOAH

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Trilly Robinson
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2000 in NOAH

Post by Trilly Robinson » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:21 pm

Planning on making a thread about each year in NOAH, as I slowly start to personally discover a lot of this stuff for the first time. I want to use these threads as a place to talk about specific cards/highlights/wrestlers/angles, and give a central place to post links and what not as well.

This is how I tend to organize my thoughts and I doubt that I'm alone. Not planning on delving too much into the business or anything, but if you want to - you can. These aren't going to be MY threads and fully expect some of y'all with more info/knowledge to really help out.


43 total shows
15 televised/ppv,

I can't really find anything that is a complete show and honestly for there being 15 televised shows, it's a bit hard to find a ton of stuff from 2000 outside of what is on Ditch.

Highlights for me:

8/6 - Jun Akiyama Vs. Kenta Kobashi (****1/4)
12/23 - Jun Akiyama Vs. Kenta Kobashi (****3/4)

Handful of matches in the ***1/2 to **** range, usually featuring some kind of combination of Akiyama and crew vs. Kobashi and crew.

Kanemaru, Kikuchi, Takayama, Shiga and Rikio are other standouts in these matches. Kikuchi and Rikio in particular always deliver.

Misawa and Vader factor pretty heavily into the year as well, but much more in 2001.

Essential viewing includes the very first show (8/5) featuring Akiyama & Kobashi vs. Misawa and Taue. I loved Taue in early NOAH, and wish he stayed high profile for longer.

Akiyama is the star, though, just a complete and total badass.

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Re: 2000 in NOAH

Post by Alan4L » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:52 am

Love this idea man! 2000 and 2001 are probably my biggest blind spot years. Really looking forward to digging in.

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Re: 2000 in NOAH

Post by elloziom » Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:51 pm

2000 in NOAH is probably a big blind spot for many people, because there isn't much stuff that you can watch, but from what I watched I think that you really missed on Takao Omori, who I'm a big a fan of. I really didn't expect him to be as over as he was (but it's probably because I didn't watch that match stuff from 90s AJPW). I personally recommend everybody to watch Takao Omori vs Shinya Hashimoto, not necessarily because it's ***** classic or something, but just for the heat this match had. It only lasts like 5 minutes or so, but my god how hot this crowd is. I really wish that Omori decided to go 15 minutes and had a classic, because as some of you might know, this was the match that killed him in Misawa's eyes. I think that if he would have gone all out we would speak about him the same way we do about a guy like Takayama or Akiyama.

Another thing that is really interesting about this year is Kobashi's transformation from orange All Japan's star, who still throws kicks to choppy purple NOAH's ace. In my opinion at this time he clearly comes off as the biggest star of all.

Jun Akiyama is the 2nd most pushed guy and boy he delivers. For most people it probably didn't come off as a shock, but I didn't remember him to be so great in NOAH, because I was more interested in guys like Takayama, Morishima, Marufuji, Sasaki, Nakajima, Kobashi or Kenta. Also on those early shows people are selling his guillotine choke like crazy. In later years I remember the crowd going absolutely dead for this hold, but in 2000 after Akiyama applied it on guys like Misawa or Kobashi, refrees would give them a heart massages after that (there is no way this thing could go in 2017).

The last thing that I want to say is that recommend everybody to watch Takashi Sugiura's debut which also happened on 12/23. To be honest this is one of the better debuts I have ever seen.

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