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To celebrate Ring of Honor’s upcoming 15th anniversary in February of 2017, Place to Be Nation and Voices of Wrestling are teaming up to present The Honor Roll: ROH’s 50 Greatest Wrestlers Ever, held exclusively on the Voices of Wrestling forums.
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Release schedule

Post by BradPTBN » Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:25 pm

Here's the release schedule for the ROH 50 project as we build to the company's 15th Anniversary Show next weekend.

We received 42 Non-Wrestler ballots and 111 Top 50 Wrestler ballots. As you'll quickly discern from the below, 37 different people were voted on in the Non-Wrestler poll and 163 different wrestlers received at least one vote in the ROH 50 project.

Results are being calculated this weekend with the following roll-out:

Monday 3/6: Top Ten Non-Wrestlers full results 37-1
Tuesday 3/7: Top 50 Part 1: 163-101
Wednesday 3/8: Top 50 Part 2: 100-51
Thursday 3/9: Top 50 Part 3: 50-26
Friday 3/10: Top 50 Final: 25-1

They'll be written pieces up at Place to Be Nation - and possibly at VOW also, we're still working out the details - and I'll also post the results in the forums here. We're tentatively recording a results podcast next week also.

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