Insane Championship Wrestling

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Re: Insane Championship Wrestling

Post by rovert » Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:04 pm

themib wrote:I've heard mixed reports from people I know who were at the show - a lot liked it for the variety it offered and the overall presentation, while some buried a lot of the matches and the booking. I'll judge it for myself when I get the chance to sit down and watch it.
Stating the bleeding obvious but matches and the booking are legacy ICW issues. Personally will watch for the entrances and atmosphere primarily.

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Re: Insane Championship Wrestling

Post by VonLInus » Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:09 pm

I watched it. It seemed lacking, overall. I'm not a big body guy or anything, but a lot of the dudes there, I saw them and thought 'man they must be good at wrestling because they're not there for the look' and they weren't great at wrestling. Ricochet stood out as he would. And Wolfgang's entrance was good.

The high point was where one person dragged another into the coffin with him, and the crowd chanted 'SHAGGING'. They got out quick after that.

I did like how they handled the streaming issues, keeping it going on Facebook live until it worked, but the matches didn't feel special. Fair fucks to them though, it was a big thing for them to even try.

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Re: Insane Championship Wrestling

Post by VilinskiKonjic » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:05 pm

Yeah I wasn't big on it either. They managed to make an Angle indie match feel throwaway which is incredible, the gulf in presentation between this one and the one with Sabre in RevPro is astounding, especially considering how massive this show was. It genuinely felt like an afterthought which I was baffled by, considering its the guy that ICW should have been building their company around for years by this point, and Kurt fucking Angle.

I've not found ICW fun or rewarding to follow this year, so maybe I shouldn't be as surprised as I was. It's fantastic for Coffey to have tapped him out but goddamn.

There were positives. Girvan-Ricochet was rad. BT vs. Stevie was good too, though a little hindered by the stipulation (really not surprising at all). So much though just felt... I guess "lacking" is a perfect word. If you watch this show in a vacuum I think you'd be genuinely baffled as to how this show garnered the biggest indie crowd British wrestling has seen in decades. Damn near everything either felt rushed, cut short or just plain flat. It's a real shame too, given some of the talent they had at their disposal.

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Re: Insane Championship Wrestling

Post by BohsJohnny » Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:33 am

They put their latest Fight Club episode up for free on Youtube and the Main Event of Trent Seven vs Jordan Devlin is well worth a watch

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