2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

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2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

Post by mlev76 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:23 pm

Title is fairly self explanatory-I want to share some of the things that made 2017 a great pro wrestling year for me as well as offer some pre-New Year positivity heading into 2018. Hope others will join in and spread the POWER OF POSITIVITY!

2017 Great Wrestlers I saw live for the first time
-Hiroshi Tanahashi
-Testsuya Naito
-Zack Sabre Jr.
-Fred Yehi
-Matt Riddle
-Keith Lee
-David Starr
-Jack Gallagher
-Joey Janela
-Jimmy Havoc
-Mark Haskins
-Mark Andrews
-Tyler Bate
-Sammy Guevera
-Pentagon Jr.
-Rey Fenix
-Myron Reed
-Chris Dickinson

2017 Great Wrestlers I first saw matches from this year
-Pete Dunne
-Flash Morgan Webster
-Velveteen Dream
-Sonya Deville
-Bianca Belair
-Montez Ford
-James Drake (US)
-Shane Mercer
-Kyle the Beast

2017 Favorite under the radar wrestler-Josh Briggs

2017 Favorite under the radar tag team-Jaka & Chris Dickinson

2017 Favorite under the radar match-Anthony Henry & James Drake vs. Jaka & Chris Dickinson (Evolve 88)

2017 Favorite under the radar show-Beyond Americanrana 2017

Favorite random wrestling related moments of 2017

1. Meeting Bill Apter at my cousin's wedding.
2. Having my wife randomly share one of the articles I wrote for VOW despite her strong dislike of wrestling.
3. High fiving Colt Cabana while wearing my more than half decade old Jewish star Colt Cabana t-shirt at AAW.
4. Introducing my brother-in-law to live wrestling and getting to chat with Rich post-AAW.

2018 people who will (hopefully) make the leap to the next level
-Myron Reed
-Sammy Guevera
-Toni Storm
-Bianca Belair
-Anthony Henry
-Fred Yehi

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Re: 2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

Post by Mootio » Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:15 am

Awesome idea.

Braun Strowman. Absolute breath of fresh air. Watching him doing his thing at SummerSlam is up there as one of my most favourite moments watching wrestling. It feels like years since they had a proper big man doing big man things, looking convincing and creating moments that didn't come across false. He's awesome.

Elgin vs. Okada during the G1. Loved the story, loved the match, the crowd, everything. That's the match I would show somebody who was watching wrestling for the first time. It was everything I want in a wrestling match simply because I had a hell of a time watching it going back and forth, it was intense, it was crazy, energetic. I love both guys as wrestlers and they had a magical match. Definitely my match of the tournament, probably my match of the year.

Everything about the Mae Young Classic. Mia Yim finally being in WWE, having a damn good four star match against Sarah Logan. Toni Storm just being there, let alone getting a fair shake, felt overdue and obviously the sky is the limit for her. Piper Niven, she was really really great. There's so many positives from that tournament alone, I hope they run another.

The Velveteen Dream, and his match against Aleister Black. The first time in a long time that I can recall two guys getting the crowd reaction they got without doing something crazy that could shorten their careers. I'm all for DIVES but man was it cool when Dream sat in front of Black and the crowd went fucking mental. For a guy sitting down in front of another man sitting down. Wrestling is amazing. Spectacular character work, lovely to see.

AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar being everything that it should be. God damn was it great, fast-paced, busy, dramatic, there was zero dross in there. It was a win for both guys and another feather in AJ Styles' Greatest Wrestler Of All Time cap. It's lovely to see AJ Styles still being treated as the big deal he is, even now, nearly two years into his run.

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Re: 2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

Post by Ferrante207 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:51 am

We bag on WWE all the time but that lit Four Way with Braun, Roman, Brock, and Joe was by far NY's best output this year.

Shibata vs Okada is something I will carry with me forever (how many matches can you say this about?). MOTY and it's not even close in my mind.

Limitless, my home promotion in Maine, continues to grow and set best practices in American indy wrestling.

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Re: 2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

Post by Tim_dawg » Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:02 am

-This year I got to attend both BOLA and Super Strong Style 16. It was my first time out of North America. Made a bunch of new friends over there. Met Arn and Oli from the Brit Wres Roundtable, outstanding guys. Travis vs Bate was the best atmosphere I've ever experienced in person. It was incredible, it easily cracks my top 10 matches of the year.

-This year I saw two Meltzer rated 5 star matches in person. I also got to see Ricochet win his second BOLA and the PWG title.

-Before 2017 I knew almost nothing about the Aussie scene besides Shane, Mikey, Rock, and Damian Slater. This year I got into MCW and EPW. I got to meet Kyle Fletcher and Josh Shooter at SSS16 in England, and got to meet Mick Moretti and Jessica Troy at BOLA. I also got to see Adam Brooks and Jonah Rock in person.

-On October 21st 2007 ROH held Chaos at the Cow Palace, my first ever live show. A decade later (October 8th to be exact) I got to attend an APW show in that building. Not only does the Cow Palace have sentimental meaning for that reason, but also because my dad used to go to wrestling shows where he would watch Pat Patterson, Ray Stevens, and Pepper Gomez. Pretty cool to think about.

-By the way at the Cow Palace Jacob Fatu and Karl Fredricks had an awesome match. Watch out for those two.

-Finally, people I think could have a huge breakout 2018:

-Syd Parker
-Logan Grey
-Gabriel Kidd
-Dowie James
-Marcius Pitt
-Shane Mercer
-Trey Miguel
-Brandon Watts
-JK Moody and Kane Khan could if they get out of NZ. Tons of potential, beyond green.

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Re: 2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

Post by suplexberry » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:42 am

Ferrante207 wrote: Shibata vs Okada is something I will carry with me forever (how many matches can you say this about?). MOTY and it's not even close in my mind.
Couldn't agree more.


- I went to Japan. It cost and arm and a leg and then I shopped for a couple of arms and some legs, too, but it was worth it. Saw NJPW and DG, went to Korakuen and Ryogoku, met Jojo and Jae, saw one of the most incredible matches ever at Sakura Genesis, and went to a Osaka indie that drew max 15 people in a warehouse in a suburb. I wanna go back, too, but honestly if I never could go back, it'd be fine because my bucket list has always been to go see the best pro wrestling any given place has to offer, and I feel like I've seen the best of three countries so far. Only Mexico to go.

- I didn't get into a whole lot of new promotions this year but I loved getting into wXw in September. Their storytelling and characters are so rewarding to learn about, and they deliver in great matches as well, and they give me a chance to flex my passive German skills, too. I will definitely return to them in due time, they'll get my 10 euros a month.

- I got to know a lot of fellow fans this year, and a lot of them increased my enjoyment and knowledge of wrestling. It's great to find people who won't go "stop over-analyzing and just enjoy it" when you just want to discuss something either in detail or perhaps on a more general sense, whether it's match psychology or how characters are portrayed in pro wrestling or whatever. I'm glad I'm not the only person who doesn't just love pro wrestling, but is fascinated by it, how it works and why I react to it. Trying to explore that by writing or in conversation has been so cool.

- One for the "NJPW Mecca" files but I have to: The biggest thing this year has probably been how good NJPW is and how much it has given me. It's like a ludicrously good savings account - the more time investment you put in, the more enjoyment you tend to get out of it. Sure, not everything has been pitch-perfect, I can discuss the flaws in minute detail but so much has been rewarding, from the opening matches to the go-home promos. It's also been wonderful to teach newer fans about it, help them discover it in whatever way I can. To have a match in late 2017 that has story-telling elements going all the way back to 2014 when I first began watching, which make that match even better, even more emotional for me, I'm just super happy to be watching all this stuff unfold right now. (Tanahashi vs Ibushi, in case you couldn't tell.)

It's also been great to see that the future is in strong hands as well, and they will probably do right by the current crop of young lions, because they are gonna do right by this Kiwi pipsqueak I watched debut back in the day and now is re-debuting third from the top in the friggin' Tokyo Dome, and the two lads who I watched in dozens and dozens of opening matches are gonna steal some hearts, capture some gold and have some incredible matches next year. The future is now and it's as golden as Sho's shiny trousers.

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Re: 2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

Post by stienerontheforklift » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:53 pm

Most of the positive stuff that has happened this year was outside of wrestling. My viewing habits didn't really change all that much. Although this was the year I really got into Jiro. I didn't really get what little I saw of him last year, but after watching a few Wrestle-1 events over the summer this guy has got a ridiculous amount of charisma. I don't know if he's ace material, but he certainly could be a Naito type populist with the fans. He should be the guy to eventually beat Ashino, or Yuji Hino he would be cool too.

Actually I saw my first Omari match this year. This guy is the fucking future. He's a 6 foot plus flippy Donovan Dijak type, but I think he's got way more potential than a Dijak. His in-ring is already pretty great, he could do with filling out a bit, but he's got everything. I don't know if next year is his breakout year, but it will eventually happen. Even if WWE scrap this indie kick they've been on recently, they will snap him up at some point.

I'll basically just echo what suplexberry says about Jay White. I'm dying for this guy to become a proper gaijin ace. I think he will, and he's got a G1 this year which will have so much talent. Even if he's in a weaker block I just don't see how this guy doesn't stand out by then.

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Re: 2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

Post by armsofsleep » Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:20 pm

Just some random very happy thoughts about wrestling:

- I'm going to the fucking Tokyo Dome in two weeks. Even though I'm way down on the card on paper from last year, I'm still going to be seeing Okada, Tanahashi, and a bunch of other people live for the first time. Something I basically had to do before I died. Also going to fit in some other shows because I have to see Miyahara too.

- As I go cold on RevPro and PROGRESS, OTT and WXW were super great and really buoyed by European watching.

- NOAH the Reborn is fucking great. XX, RATEL'S, Kenoh, this year rules.

- AJPW in general, but especially Champion Carnival N1 which is my show of the year probably.

- Rush vs LA Park ruled again this year

- NGD winning every title in Mexico

- NICK GAGE coming to EVOLVE but also ruling GCW

- Living close to and being able to attend Nova Pro all the time. Having a local promotion that is great makes me so happy.

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Re: 2017 End of the Year Pro Wrestling Positivity Thread

Post by Weirzbowski » Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:36 am

My live events for 2017
ROH TV taping Pittsburgh
NGW Round 2 Newport, TN
NGW Uncivil War 3
Wrestling Revolver Dayton, OH
ROH Global Wars Pittsburgh

ROH Global Wars was something special even though it was a bit of BC circle jerk. Being there live for a Suzuki entrance was one of my wrestling bucket list items. Also seeing that Ospreay did acknowledge my attempt to start a chant for him on the NJPWorld feed was cool.

In 2017, i really went all in on trying to watch New Japan. It has been a blast.

For WWE, I have enjoyed watching all the pay per views while not watching RAW or Smackdown. 205 Live has largely been a good show most of the year. Gulak has been a delight. Swann and TJP had a great series of matches that deserved a better spotlight.
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