VOW Flagship: Omega in AEW, Double or Nothing, News & Your Questions

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VOW Flagship: Omega in AEW, Double or Nothing, News & Your Questions

Post by Rich Kraetsch » Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:48 pm

News & notes on the AEW Double or Nothing ticket announcement, new AEW signings, Kenny Omega officially in the fold, what the relationship between AAA and AEW tells us and much more.

Other topics including Halftime Heat, MLW Superfight, Devlin/Starr hype video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSm5bX-oYoI) and more.

Last but not least, we open up the mailbag and answer listener questions on numerous topics across the pro wrestling landscape.

MP3: https://audioboom.com/posts/7168855-vow ... stions.mp3

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Re: VOW Flagship: Omega in AEW, Double or Nothing, News & Your Questions

Post by mlev76 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:23 pm

While I agree in general about the success of AEW rally, I note two things:

1) I thought Kylie didn't exude her natural confidence that you see when she's on a show. That could be nerves or maybe not knowing what the plan was, but she wasn't up to what she's capable of. Not a big deal as she'll no doubt be fine.

2) Taking away the in ring ability and the desire for people to see him wrestle big time matches (and the Jericho rematch qualifies), Omega came off so unlikeable in his comments that I almost cringed. Now, I am not a huge fan of any of the BTE crew outside the ring, but Omega is just so pompous and smug in his remarks that I would almost rather he go back to being the goofy cleaner gimmick.

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Re: VOW Flagship: Omega in AEW, Double or Nothing, News & Your Questions

Post by suplexberry » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:27 am

I think the AAA relationship really gives me pause. It's a messy company in terms of talent use, but also in terms of talent exploitation. Especially with the LU lawsuit happening. If your brand is pro-worker (and yes, it's branding and branding is not reality, but perception is important) you really need to keep a company like AAA at an arm's length. I suppose best case scenario, you feature talent in the way LU did (making stars out of Penta & Fenix in the process) but don't get too involved on the contract side of things. I mean, we've yet to see what any of these collaboration deals look like. It could just be a way to showcase talent without any real involvement in long term stories.

But still, pause.

NJPW is in an interesting position. In my language we have a saying, painting devils on the walls, meaning to predict a very negative outcome and jumping to very pessimistic conclusions. I'm trying not to do that with NJPW and their foreign expansion but honestly losing the talent they did at the time they did is just not great. They're basically doing this year what they probably should have done last year in terms of running shows in varied US locations - not just California, but now they don't have the talent pool that appeals to that key demographic to actually run those shows. I'm also afraid that their idea of what the US crowds want is still off by a mile. People don't want a War of the Worlds or a Honor Rising, they want authentic New Japan. But visas for the Japanese talent are a costly hassle, the LA dojo talent is just not a known quantity yet and as beloved as the remaining non-Japanese talent is, most of them simply aren't headliners. Again, I think you can build any match to be a headlining match for a big show but for most of their key talent, visas still have to be arranged.

Perhaps I did paint a few devils there, but I just think this company has shown that in some ways they are just not ready for this expansion. The shows that have been homeruns have relied heavily on Omega's international appeal - smartly, I think. But they desperately need to re-think that strategy because they no longer have a top of the card guaranteed draw in Omega, and you can't just burn every money match on a US card that would kill those matches on a Japanese stage. Their shows need really good cards to draw fly-in fans, and I don't know how or with whom they build those cards up without burning some key matches they could do in Japan instead.

Interesting times, indeed.

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