Wrestling Omakase #72: BJW Year in Review 2018 w/ Drew & Kevin

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Wrestling Omakase #72: BJW Year in Review 2018 w/ Drew & Kevin

Post by IIDXias » Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:05 pm

It's that time of year again on Omakase: Year in Review season! Each week we'll be tackling a different promotion (or type of wrestling), highlighting shows and matches you may have missed that are worth checking out, discussing major title reigns and other storylines, and otherwise just recapping the year that was in that company. Plus, we discuss contenders from the company for the various Observer-style awards, including WOTY, Most Outstanding, Best Major Show, Match of the Year, and more! This week we start with BJW; next week we'll talk WWE. For the full (tentative) schedule, see here.

For BJW I'm joined by returning guests Drew (@_burningspirits) & Kevin Hare (@stan__hansen) as we break down the major title reigns of Masashi Takeda & Hideki Suzuki, debate Hideki in general (and somehow end up contrasting him with Kenny Omega and Kenta Kobashi), talk about some major contenders for Match of the Year and Best Major Show overall, and much more. It's a bit of a Burning Spirits reunion if you miss that podcast at all with 2/3rds of their hosts! Either way I hope you enjoy it.

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