Wrestling Omakase #61: Live from All In w/ Taylor & Quinlan

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Wrestling Omakase #61: Live from All In w/ Taylor & Quinlan

Post by IIDXias » Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:22 pm

(This actually went up a few days ago, sorry for not posting it here until now, just forgot in all the chaos coming home.)

John is joined by returning guests Taylor (@tamaimbo) & Quinlan (@IM_NOT_QUINLAN) live from a hotel room in Schaumburg, IL just hours after the three of them attended All In live. They break down the historic show from all angles, going match by match and discussing overall thoughts on the show and whether they would attend a hypothetical All In 2.

Please note that due to the impromptu recording conditions there's a few audio issues- nothing that makes it unlistenable or anything, but just wanted to warn people that there's much more background noise here than on a typical episode. Thanks!

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