VOW Flagship: 2018 BOLA field and what it means, WWE UK, ROH, MLW, Impact TV reviews

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Re: VOW Flagship: 2018 BOLA field and what it means, WWE UK, ROH, MLW, Impact TV reviews

Post by armsofsleep » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:57 pm

mlev76 wrote:
Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:19 pm
ScorpioCorp wrote:
Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:20 am
armsofsleep wrote:
Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:54 pm
Just as a fun exercise, I tried to test the theory of "PWG had to dig deep for BOLA" and decided to try to book an even better 24 man tournament with more or just as much starpower, using only USA guys. The only rule is no one signed full time to NJPW, Impact, or WWE.

First, gotta get the obvious guys, the ones that ARE booked.

- Matt Riddle
- Brody King
- Jeff Cobb
- Darby Allin
- Joey Janela
- David Starr
- Timothy Thatcher

So that's 8

- AR Fox
- Brian Cage
- Myron Reed
- Austin Theory
- Jonathan Gresham
- Josh Briggs

That's another 8, with a good mix of debuts, returns, up and comers, and veterans.

- Jacob Fatu
- Chris Dickinson
- Jaka
- Fred Yehi
- Dominic Garrini
- Tracy Williams
- Nick Gage
- Dan Severn

And this final group is probably the hardest to book. I leaned into good to great wrestlers who could easily be slotted into tags for nights 2 and 3 (the EVOLVE lads + Yehi) another local guy (Fatu) and big special attractions that would be tougher to book but would pop the buzz when announced (Gage and Severn).

So yeah, you're right in that there's no shortage of talent. This list along is leaving off dozens of great wrestlers based in the US alone. But I have found the PWG fan perception is very fickle. They all hate Yehi because the Starr match didn't really work. Most of them hate the EVOLVE-y style (although I don't see how you could think Doom Patrol is boring really with how they work). But there is a huge lack right now of big names. Mania week next year will be interesting, since it's proven in the past to kickoff a lot of narratives. Keith Lee, for instance, working everywhere and becoming a top 5 star on the indies in a 5 day span basically.
If this was the lineup for BOLA, it would draw more criticism & less praise than the actual BOLA lineup. To me, it's feels like the stars in the US indies have become less interesting. If this was the lineup, I can see complaints like 'This is more of an EVOLVE show than a PWG show' or 'Those last eight competitors are boring picks'. I think your lineup is great & I would be excited to see that show, but it doesn't attract interest or hype that PWG are after. The best way to put it is there are stars but there isn't the starpower. In fact, maybe starpower isn't the right word for it. It's a 'wow factor' thing. PWG want to wow people.
Starpower is all dependent on how people are treated and perceived. Some guys come across like stars in certain promotions while not in others. A guy like Anthony Henry when I see him in Freelance comes across like a star. In Evolve, not so much. And it's really all about positioning. Like, in Evolve now, guys like AR Fox and Shane Strickland feel more like stars than in other promotions I've seen them in because they are being pushed like stars. There's no reason that PWG could-if they wanted to-do the same.

Again, I like the actual lineup a lot. But, I also think if they wanted to, they could have drawn more heavily from domestic sources and had a similar quality tournament.

Yeah, this is sort of where I am. Like Wheeler YUTA is a star in Beyond, Arik Royal is a megastar in Nova Pro. Good promotions can turn the right guys into money movers.

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