Call for questions - 7/13 Flagship

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Re: Call for questions - 7/13 Flagship

Post by ayaashm » Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:46 am

RobViper13 wrote:This is a hard one to put into question form but I'll try... been meaning to ask for a while but always missed cutoff...

Where do you guys draw the line between internet stalking & getting SCOOPZ? Or do you draw a line at all?

For reference point - this year I've come across a couple instances of indy wrestlers who have been alarmed to discover "fans" who have been facebook/twitter/insert other social media stalking not just them but also people in their personal life. Seems like it's becoming more prevalent amongst a certain type of internet "fan". One wrestler in particular traced a certain story about him leaking back to him replying to someone he knows (not in wrestling) on instagram, that person being followed by a "fan" & then that person in another post mentioning something about her friend which then turned into news in the wrestling world. On one hand if it was a reporter who was being paid to do this you'd say that's fine, he's just doing his job. On the other hand in this particular instance it was just a random "fan" who had nothing to gain other than way too much time on his/her hands to be able to follow every post from a complete stranger. (This wrestler also figured out this "fan" followed every single person he interacted with on instagram whether it was wrestling related or not)

Do we at VOW approve of this type of behavior in the name of getting dirt?

I absolutely abhorre that behaviour. You're basically stalking that wrestler in the name of Scoopz.If you're getting scoopz by watching conversations between two friends one of whom is a wrestler.You are stalking that person . You're not a "journo", you're just a stalker.
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Re: Call for questions - 7/13 Flagship

Post by supersonic » Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:50 am

For the record, that isn't how I got the Sabre info. Don't have a single clue if he has a Twitter or Instagram, don't have a clue who any of his friends are in the entire world. Nor do I care to ever know.

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Re: Call for questions - 7/13 Flagship

Post by alanwade » Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:18 am

Do brock lesnar have a future in UFC?

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