CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE 05/20/12)

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CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE 05/20/12)

Post by SammyJ_D » Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:50 am

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Re: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE 05/20/12)

Post by brandonbitw » Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:38 am

I watched this match about two years back and was relatively disappointed. I thought it was slow, boring, and suffered from an overuse of submission grappling. Not what I expected from what I thought were the two best wrestlers in the world.
Don't ask me why I thought this.

About two months ago I re watched this match on the Network and was blown away. Maybe it was the fact that since 2013 my wrestling fandom has expanded even further and my "intelligence" as a fan has also been heightened.
Speaking of, there is no denying that "intelligence" plays a huge role in professional wrestling viewing. It's the thing that allows us to turn on an Okada V Styles match and appreciate the nuances of it, while a casual fan who only watches WWE a couple of times a month won't extract the same gratification out of it. It certainly is an acquired taste, and through constant viewing and appreciation, your capacity for this taste is augmented. It's about having that keen eye and acute awareness for all those little idiosyncrasies. All you guys know what I'm saying.

This is a match ensconced in meticulousness. Punk and Bryan exchanging holds at a controlled pace for the first quarter to half of this match brought me so much pleasure upon second viewing. Bryan's leg work was FANTASTIC. Some of the best leg selling I've seen. From grimacing facial expressions, to the heedful limping, to the expressions of pain anytime he issued an offensive move utilizing his leg, his performance was incredible. Punk, equally superb, was most definitely on his A game as well. He took the offensive stand early, busting out some submissions I've never seen before, as well as being just extremely conscious all around. The pacing, which I found as a turn off the first time around, was immaculate. They carefully built to a crescendo, and the match flowed seemlessly. Sans the finish, which I didn't hate but didn't love, this is a perfect match. (Not in regards to botches because I don't remember if their were any). This is an epic clash between two workers of the highest esteem bringing us a style foreign to what your used to out of you standard WWE. This felt more NJPW than the 'E. I chalked it up at ****3/4 simply because the finish didn't really do it for me, but ***** is most certainly justifiable.

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