John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE 08/18/13)

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John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE 08/18/13)

Post by SammyJ_D » Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:04 am

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Re: John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE 08/18/13)

Post by supersonic » Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:44 pm

WWE Title Match
Guest Ref - Triple H
John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan

This was the Daniel Bryan Show, and major kudos to Cena for being so gracious yet again. Cena of course would use his size and strength to get advantages and avoid getting his ass handed to him on the mat. An early La Tatipia surfboard attempt by D-Bry was cancelled out when Cena lifted D-Bry out of position. I was actually openly criticizing D-Bry during this spot because he didn't use his fists on the rear shoulders region of Cena to get the leverage he needed on an opponent of this caliber, strength, and size. I also recall early in the match he gave D-Bry a vertical suplex on the floor. Hey, if you're going to take stupid bumps, this is the match where you fucking do it.

D-Bry got to show the WWE fanbase what so many fans of independent wrestling had enjoyed throughout the 2000s decade. He was constantly finding new ways to get submissions locked on, including a beautiful and poetic STF on Cena. However, I must now mention that Cena came into this match with a torn tricep. It was severe enough that he had a mass on his left elbow because of it. Of course D-Bry took advantage of it, as well as Cena's respective shoulder that had collided with the ring post, getting the LeBell Lock clamped on at various points in the match, and Cena did a great job like Lesnar earlier in the night of making the audience wonder if he was really going to tap out. D-Bry also channeled Punk in that same match against Lesnar when he dropped Cena with a DDT reversal.

Other great moments in the match include Cena blocking an attempted Frankensteiner with a Styles Clash that was almost botched very badly. There was also a spot near the end when D-Bry did his signature running dropkicks in the corner, but on the third one, Cena ran forward to deliver a vicious clothesline much like Cesaro had done to D-Bry the month before. Both times when this clothesline was delivered it brought back memories of D-Bry's series against his greatest opponent Nigel McGuinness.

The finish of the match came when D-Bry reversed an attempted Death Valley Driver into a small package nearfall, then followed that up with a roundhouse kick to Cena's head. He then debuted the Busaiku knee in front of the WWE audience, and achieved his greatest career moment to date, pinning John Cena clean in the middle of the ring for the WWE Championship in the main event of SummerSlam, with Triple H, who had been fair, impartial, and allowed the combatants to be the focus of the match, counting the pin. The new finisher D-Bry used didn't get a huge pop, which I could see some pointing out as a flaw in the match. But it wasn't. D-Bry's new finisher debuted here and took out the biggest superstar in the industry of the 21st Century so far, to establish its lethal effect. And when the day comes on perhaps a much, much, much bigger stage, the crowd will fucking erupt if he so hits it in a certain main event match that will have the WWE Championship on the line.

Post-match, Cena shakes hands and congratulates the new WWE Champion, as does HHH. D-Bry gets several minutes to celebrate his crowning achievement in front of an ecstatic crowd, with confetti falling throughout the Staples Center. This was such a sentimental and bad-ass moment, one that is so rewarding for fans of pro wrestling. This was just as fucking good as when D-Bry won the ROH Title from James Gibson eight years earlier.

After several minutes, Randy Orton interrupts and comes to ringside, teasing that he will cash it in. He walks away but stops, still contemplating on what to do. HHH approaches D-Bry and suddenly gives him a Pedigree, which has the crowd in a stunned uproar! Orton then gets in the ring and gladly cashes in, to which HHH gleefully obliges. Orton gets the successful pin. I must mention here that D-Bry not kicking out of the Pedigree was a BERRIAL. Actually, no it wasn't. As I stated earlier, having that move take him out here after a grueling MOTYC against Cena will build the drama and have the crowd even more appreciative for when that special day comes that D-Bry does kick out of it.

And that's why even though I wasn't as quite in love with this as I was with Lesnar vs. Punk, this segment couldn't have been executed any better. Cena did a great job in reminding the audience of his grit, love, passion, and SKILL for the business and championship. D-Bry did his thing that I'm guessing most who read this post have grown accustomed to over the past decade from him, this time in front of the largest audience possible outside of WrestleMania, and thus elevated the importance of the title with his performance while also elevating his stock in the company.

Triple H was great in being in the background during the main event, making his heel turn, while many expected it, even more devastating. And Orton had finally turned heel too, because D-Bry was the only one the audience had both enough respect and sympathy for to be angry at him for being such a spineless opportunist. What an epic, epic season finale this show was. ****1/2

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Re: John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE 08/18/13)

Post by Rah » Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:12 pm

The second punch that Summerslam 2013 delivered. While reality is never fair, on this night, Bryan cemented himself as WWE's next big thing. No more fitting of this is it all happening in the same arena Cena won his first world title.

The story was woven so beautifully, with Cena "the entertainer" now proving to Bryan and the fans that he is, rather, Cena the wrestler. Cena is most probably the perfect opponent for Bryan as Bryan can work off of Cena's strengths to pull off his more wrestler/indy-oriented spots while keeping the crowd at an electric pace purely because of the difference in pull for each man. Perhaps because of that, though, this match finds its only drawback. It probably is not the best both men can get out of each other which, in of itself, is a great compliment to the talent of both involved. To his credit, though, Cena played the heel role to perfection. While he's obviously a babyface, and cannot go full blown heel, his little mannerisms drew immense heat from the smarky crowd. Having delivered his spin-out powerbomb, he knew the crowd would be throwing their hands up saying "it's over, 5 moves of doom time" and he played to that so incredibly well in stalling the set-up and smirking into their direction. The kids wouldn't notice a thing, but his haters would. Perfect. He transitioned well into his respect for Bryan, though, once he hit his AA for the two count. "Now I know why they like the kid" is probably why I love John as much as I do. Not because of him sucking up to Bryan, but because he always adds commentary into his matches which allows for more depth than you'd see otherwise. Punk's smart-mouth trash-talking in the previous match lies full-circle to Cena's positive remarks, yet they're moments that add to their characters and deliver the reason as to why sports entertainment is as great as it is.

Gotdamn I love this match.

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John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE 08/18/13)

Post by brandonbitw » Fri Oct 16, 2015 2:54 am

Probably the second greatest WWE singles match since '10. *****. And in my top 10 favorite since '00. I have this match up there with Taker/Shawn, Angle/Benoit, Punk/Cena, and Punk/Bryan. The emotion. Bryan BRINGING it. Cena BRINGING it. The structure of this match was so different than any Cena match that you'll see today. The spots were so unique. I loved the running knee, or later to be know as "The Knee That Beat Cena", for the win. Technical masterpiece. Storytelling Masterpiece.

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