How you got into Puroresu?

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by dancecab » Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:19 pm

My first exposure to Puro was fight network used to show Best of Pro Wrestling NOAH shows. I never fully subscribed to the channel but watched it a couple times during their free ppv. I had torrented a few NOAH shows but I just never got around to watching them since my computer at the time was crap. I it wasn't until late 2011 when I purchased my own laptop, got curious and downloaded some Dragon Gate infinity shows being a fan of the guys from their work in ROH and WSX. I gotta say I kinda miss that hour format weekly show from them, it made the product a little easier to follow since they only showed the most important things. I'm probabbly alone on this.

Anyways after watching Final Gate 2011 and being all in on Dragon Gate, I decided to give NJPW a try with Wrestle Kingdom 6 knowing MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Davey Richards and Marafuji where on the card. From that show on NJPW has been my favorite company in the world and my true love for PURO bloomed.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by TGD287 » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:10 pm

New Japan became easy and cheap to consume with :)

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Tranquilo?Tranquilo! » Wed Jul 13, 2016 7:03 pm

I first got a taste of it when the Do Fixer vs Blood Generation match happened in ROH though I didn't get into it, till seeing the hype package for Okada/Tanahashi after Okada lost it at Wrestle Kingdom.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Ferrante207 » Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:45 pm

My origin story is this video

Shibata/Honma G1 Climax 2014 English commentary by some dude named Mark.

VOW picked up the ball from there and it's been a match made in heaven ever since.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Frank Olson » Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:22 pm

I'm 32 years old. I've gone through three distinct periods of wrestling fandom in my life.

When I was a little kid I religiously watched the WWF and WCW/NWA shows that aired on the weekends. I remember being simultaneously scared of and impressed by The Great Muta but had no idea that he was from a Japanese promotion. I stopped watching wrestling altogether by the time I was 11 or 12, not for any specific reason except that I just lost interest in it.

In college I had a roommate who was really into WWF. He showed me Wrestle Mania 17 and I was blown away by how entertaining it was (that show would've been a year and a half old by the time I started college but I think he had the VHS tape or something). I started watching Raw and Smackdown with him pretty much every week during that time (even after we were no longer roommates), and thus I have a fondness for 2002-2006 era WWE that is definitely not warranted by the actual quality of the product during that time. But WWE wasn't enough for me, so I started getting tapes of ROH and comp tapes of Japanese stuff around this time as well. Like a lot of people I first got into the 94 Super J Cup and the Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid series, and then checked out some of the 90s All Japan stuff, although I unfortunately never really had the context for a lot of the Four Pillars stuff and I really need to go back and rewatch some of that chronologically.

After college a combination of not having cable and having less free time due to work meant that I just really wasn't watching wrestling. I'd catch up with my old roommate now and then and sometimes I'd see the Royal Rumble or Wrestle Mania, but I never saw anything that hooked me enough to get me watching regularly again. Then when I was on a boring business trip in Missouri and farting around on the internet at my hotel I randomly looked up some wrestling news and stumbled onto a story about Lucha Underground, which had just started. I watched the first two episodes on YouTube and instantly got hooked again. From there I was reading a lot more about wrestling online and got interested in checking out the heavily hyped Wrestle Kingdom 9. Like many newish NJPW fans I was hooked by Nakamura/Ibushi, but I also loved the Tanahashi/Okada main event, and also the underrated Styles/Naito match. After that I caught as much of the 2014 G1 as I could on Dailymotion and I was blown away by it. I became a New Japan World subscriber in time for the amazing KUSHIDA/Kyle O'Reilly BOSJ 2015 finals and now I'm completely obsessed. Through this website I've started getting into most of the other noteworthy Japanese promotions as well, although time usually only permits me to catch select matches from All Japan, Big Japan, Dragon Gate, NOAH, Wrestle-1, etc.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by elloziom » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:18 pm

I think the first time I actually watched a puro match was somewhere in 2010. I remember that at that time I was a huge TNA and Kurt Angle fan and I found this Wrestlekingdom 2, which had ton of TNA stars so I really wanted to watch it. The match that hooked me was Kurt Angle vs Yuji Nagata and it made want to watch more of this Nagata guy, so I tried to watch all the wk I could find. WK2 and WK3 were quite easy to find, because they had a lot of TNA guys and another guy that I really liked was Tanahashi (I really liked his match with Mutoh at WK3), so when I heard that at WKV there are going to be some TNA guys I really tried hard to find it and when I watched those matches one of the things that occured to me was that guys like Hardy or RVD looked like shit compared to Tanahashi, Ibushi, Devitt or Nagata. I also remember people on my forum raving about Kotaro Suzuki's title reign, so I tried to get into NOAH(especially after Edwards vs Kotaro match) and the guy that liked the most at that time I think was Go Shiozaki. I tried to keep up with NJPW and NOAH at that time, but since I neither knew any legal sources where I could watch it nor could I find at dailymotions or wherever, I really couldn't watch the product because I had to download it and with my internet it seemed impossible (an average event usually took me about 9 hours to download) so after a few months I gave up. The thing that struck my nerve the most was not being able to watch Nagata vs Tanahashi from april in 2011, because at that time they were my two favorite Japanese wrestlers. I came back about 2014 maybe at Wrestlekingdom, maybe later. One of the things that I remember at that time was that everybody raved how great Ishii is and of the guys that was kinda cool when I started watching was now a main eventer (Tetsuya Naito). So I started watching again and my love for Japanese wrestling became so big that I even went on a wrestling trip to Japan.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by phenom951 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:42 pm

I was linked to an AJ Styles/Okada match and absolutely loved the big fight feel of it. Always been a fan of Styles, can honestly say I wouldn't have watched if he wasn't in that match.
Then I saw the entire G1 CLimax 24 and that along with the VOW podcast discussing that tournament and I was instantly a fan for life.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by rovert » Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:48 pm

Early 90s WCW, Eurosport airing NJPW and amazing sports like photos in Powerslam magazine in contrast to the tacky presentation of mid 90s WWF and WCW.

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Speedy Bellerin
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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Speedy Bellerin » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:28 pm

A friend showed me some Hayabusa and other FMW stuff. We'd watch them in the sixth form computer room. Should have been doing my course work instead I was watching Electic cages and time bomb death matches. Then it was Kobashi and Misawa matches on youtube and Dailymotion.

I didn't shed my casual ways and start properly following NJPW until after Wrestle Kingdom 10. Now I'm also watching DG and a bit of NOAH here and there.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Irving » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:55 pm

Hmm... I think early exposure was New Japan guys working WCW. Me staying in Jacksonville helped as we would get TV and guys like Liger, Nagata, Muta, and Chono would show up, but of course the star to me out of that was Muta. On the WWF side it was the joshi workers most especially the Bull Nakano/Madusa and Survivor Series 95 tags standing out. From there it led me to seek out what they were doing in Japan and the rest is history.

Interestingly enough, my fandom of Muta led to me covering All Japan for like 8 years, but it didn't make me leave to WRESTLE-1 lol.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Murrr » Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:16 am

It was around about the time I discovered VoW. I was a tad disenfranchised with what I was seeing from WWE and the US indies I used to sporadically keep up with, and everyone was talking about this cool little NJPW thing. I figured I'd check out a show and see what all the fuss was about, so I watched the most recent event (Back to Yokohama Arena) and I enjoyed it (*really* enjoyed some of it: Ibushi vs. Ishii, whew...), but it didn't click. It wasn't love at first sight, or whatever. I had a fun time watching the show but didn't have a huge desire to go back.

I dipped in and out of various single matches for the rest of the year, but I was only watching the odd match here and there. Maybe 2-3 a month at most. Then WK9 started building hype, and I really got into it. The promise of English commentary was too strong to resist, and Matt Striker narrated a bunch of excellent preview videos for each individual match on the YouTubes. It turns out that the English language accessibility was all I needed, because I watched the PPV, got hooked, and NJPW suddenly became my "must watch" company. I deep-dived the first VoW yearbook after that, then NJPW on AXS debuted with English commentary and it was the perfect jump-off point.

I became accustomed to Japanese commentary in time, and after 3-4 months, I'd reached a point where I didn't need to listen to the English guys anymore. TBH, I always found NJPW's English commentary kinda grating (not a big Kelly/Striker/current day JR fan) aside from Josh Barnett on AXS, and now I just love watching with the emotional ebb and flow you get from the Japanese lads. It's tremendous, and part of the all-round experience, IMO.

At this point, I watch every "big" NJPW show and cherry-pick recommended matches from "Road to" events and other shows of that ilk. I'm really interested in getting into Dragon Gate after checking the Dads vs. Young Boys match in December, and am going to make a concentrated effort to get lost in that wacky universe this year. Aside from that, I check out any match from NOAH, AJPW, BJW, and DDT that garners buzz or gets good reviews. I'm pretty much a slave to the Japanese graps at this point.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by cpgoat3 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:25 pm

I knew a lot of names from appearing in WCW, TNA, ROH and US indies but whenever I watched actual matches from Japan on YouTube I was blocked by the language barrier. In 2015 I had a friend demand I watch WK9 and slowly through the year I watched a little more here and there. By the end of the year I was fully on board, went back and re-watched all the 2015 big shows in full. Last year I watched about 500 NJPW matches, basically everything they put out except the Tag League which I cherry picked. This year I will likely do the same as I love it so much. I have slowly started adding in more puro companies too based off recommendations.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Mazstor » Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:27 pm

I've only recently discovered wrestling in general about 2 years ago. I was introduced by my s/o as he's followed it for years. First time I watched NJPW was totally surprising. It was, for me, original compared to the questionable story lines of WWE. Then I've also branched out to watching Dragon Gate which I've been watching on and off from time to time. I love that it feels organic to watch, even though it's scripted, but it doesn't feel that way all the time - they do get you guessing sometimes.

I must say though, the recent Wrestle Kingdoms (9-11), they have blown me away, mostly the finale matches, especially between Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega in WK11 - insane. At the beginning I'd always forget the wrestlers names and judge them on their outfits (I know, I'm terrible), now I actually am more invested in them as wrestlers and their professionalism.

I'm glad I've explored this type of wrestling from across the globe, I only hope it keeps getting better.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Dragonzombie » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:59 am

Early 90's. Mostly tapes and etc. Preferred Njpw 90's and Fmw over 90's Ajpw. There is nothing at like Njpw 90's anymore in modern times.

The Njpw dark ages from 00's to 2005 era isn't booked as well Njpw 90's. Igf was alright fun but not as good or booked the same or worked the same.

Mutohs Ajpw era got me interested in Ajpw to still stick with it even if he is gone from it. Watched yukes era Njpw, which in someways better than todays Njpw booking.

Been watching most stuff from the showa era and up. Enjoyed most Ajpw from watching the old stuff, the 80's American wrestling era is gold.

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Re: How you got into Puroresu?

Post by Briton Joe » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:11 am

Dragonzombie wrote: There is nothing at like Njpw 90's anymore in modern times.
That is a fact :cry:

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