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WWE SmackDown (April 7) Review

This SmackDown was fresh and original, with the IC match and main event absolutely worth watching– and new NXT faces, to boot. Sami Zayn reminds us why he’s infinitely more interesting when he’s striving.

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WWE SmackDown (March 3) Dean Ambrose & The Art of Road Blocks

Some months ago, in another WWE SmackDown review, I talked about the idea of a fictional universe inherently needing a system of checks and balances to keep the powers of its heroes drifting wildly out of control. While WWE continues to lack either checks or balances, the quality of combat on the show continues to improve.

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WWE SmackDown (February 11) Review

The Jericho/Styles sandwich on this week’s SmackDown betrays a painfully depleted roster and the lurking ghost of “wins and losses don’t matter”: but these things are a lot easier to forgive when the wrestling is actually good.

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