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EVE Wrestle Queendom Results & Review

At six matches in under three hours, Wrestle Queendom is a breeze to watch. The back half of the card is especially strong. More-so than even the match quality, there’s a really great atmosphere throughout the show. There’s several hiccups in the show but overall this was a great first step and very successful showing.

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ICW Barramania 4 Results & Review

Scotland’s leading wrestling promotion returned to the iconic Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow last weekend for their fourth-annual ICW Barramania show, headlined by BT Gunn defending the World Heavyweight Title against Mikey Whiplash in a Deathmatch.

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OTT Homecoming Dublin Results & Review

Homecoming was without a doubt the best top to bottom show OTT has ever produced. The show had it all. Top class wrestling, matches with stakes and consequences, unforgettable moments… The final four matches all being **** or higher tell you just how much I enjoyed this.

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ICW Square Go! 2018 Results & Review

A middling effort from ICW with Square Go! The constant apses back into their old bad booking habits are the lingering takeaway, but they are somewhat redeemed by the fun opening contest a solid tag team title bout and an enjoyable Square Go!

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PROGRESS Chapter 62 “Fear No More” Results & Review

I was mentally starting a write-up of Fear No More, before the main event, and it was regarding the booking and how improved it was on this show. I was ready to get excited about the direction, but at the same time suggest this wasn’t one of PROGRESS’ best in-ring outings. Then the main event changed everything.

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RPW High Stakes 2018 Results & Review

High Stakes was a very good show bell-to-bell from RPW. Ospreay added another great contest to the slew he’s already had this year, Brooks’ debut couldn’t have gone much better. Then there was the main event. Words can’t really describe how much I enjoyed it, and it is a match every wrestling fan should watch.

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OTT Being the Elite Results & Review

While I didn’t love everything on Being the Elite, there is more than enough good to make the less enjoyable moments worth sitting through. This night was all about Irish talent finally arriving and being taken seriously.

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